Autumnal To Do List

Good Morning World!

Its officially Autumn! To me, October marks the start of everything cosy, warm and rustic. This is the month when the leaves start to turn golden, and crunchy, the time when I cannot go out the house without a jumper or coat on, and my socks gain a few inches. There are many things that I love about Autumn and many thing I want to do before this season comes to a close just like my good friend summer.

IMG_3351 (2)

Here is my Autumnal to do list:

  • Go on an early morning walk
  • Find the perfect cosy jumper
  • Jump on the crunchy fresh leaves
  • Get a head start on my Christmas shopping
  • Make the ultimate hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream and a flake.
  • Have a Autumn fragranced bubble bath
  • Live in chunky boots and fluffy socks
  • Get Christmas pyjamas
  • Take arty Instagram pictures
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Have the best golden eye makeup
  • Have a girls-night-in with old Halloween films
  • Wrap myself in blankets

What are you doing this Autumn?

Love Georgina xxx


Wondrous Warwickshire | Burton Dassett Hills Country Park

Good Morning World!

Aviary Photo_131439272094427059

Burton Dassett Hills Country Park is located in Southam, Warwickshire; a mere short journey from the famous Shakespearian town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, and 30 minute drive from my hometown in Oxfordshire. The country park is filled with a vast array of rolling hills and spectacular views where you can see for miles into several county’s. The site contains a small woodland and surfaced footpaths, as well as the hills containing a wealth of historical interest including quarry remains.

The hills are a great place for a family picnic and a favourite stop for dog walkers, so there is no doubt Burton Dassett has something for everyone. I first visited this beautiful hill site with my boyfriend where we brought a picnic, lay on the top of a hill and enjoyed each others company; in addition the miles of unexplored green fields means that we needed no encouragement to investigate.


Other attractions at Burton Dassett include an ice cream van and coffee van which come on weekends and school holidays to provide refreshments in the summer which from my experience are much needed. These privileges are a near necessity when visiting these hills, as it being hills there is nearly no shade so its impossible to stay cool, or keep out of the sun. Remember the sun cream guys, especially since it was 30 degree Celsius when we went, which isn’t a lot for some countries but if there is a stereotype about us brits its that we cant handle the heat and love to speak ill of the weather. Haha!

The admission to the hills is free however you do pay £2 for parking which is a little cost for a big day out, and remember to bring exact amount as the machines do not give change.


I could not urge you enough to visit this delightful countryside gem, it really is an exceptional day out for everyone.

Happy Exploring!

Love Georgina xx

In’s and Out’s of Blenheim Palace

Good Morning World!


Blenheim Palace is a historical goldmine located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. It was the home and birthplace of our former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and scores high in the must see places when visiting this gorgeous county.

I am very lucky in saying that this historical gem is right on my doorstep and I have spent many the afternoon lounging in their palace gardens. Here is all you need to know for a trip to Blenheim Palace.


Where is it?

blenheim map

Click here for directions to Blenheim Palace

Travel / Parking

Blenheim Palace offers free parking for all visitors to its Park, Palace and Gardens, so there is no need to bring loose change with you.

To get to Blenheim Palace I would recommend going by car as there aren’t any direct trains coming into Woodstock, however if you are travelling a vast distance you can get the train to Oxford or Bicester and make you way out via bus accordingly.

Various Attractions | What to do?

There are many great things to do when visiting Blenheim. You can take part in multiple tours of the Palace, seeing the suites, a Churchill Exhibition and a formal gardens walking tour and many more. The attractions are very informative and provide accurate historical data and is therefore an excellent educational trip for families and schools.

Along with the Palace tours they also have various park activities for children including a butterfly house, outdoor play area with interactive and learning games, and a huge maze (while I’ll admit got lost in a couple of times).

In addition to this there are various restaurants, cafes and shops for you all to enjoy, including afternoon tea in the palace gardens overlooking various water fountains and the palace grounds.


There are different prices depending on what attractions you want to see at Blenheim, and I don’t think its compulsory to see them all on your first visit however, if you have come far to see it I would suggest going for the more expensive option. The two options to take into consideration are the Palace, Park and Garden ticket, which allows you into everything, and a Park and Garden ticket, which wont allow you into the Palace or into the gates to look at it. For full prices Click Here!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and this inspired you to do a little more exploring. Enjoy your summer days out.

Love Georgina xxx

A Day in the Life of a Chocoholic | Cadbury’s World

Good Morning World!

If anyone knows me, they know that I love chocolate, I’m not talking run of the mill “oh yeah I love chocolate” I mean I REALLY love chocolate. I easily get through a sharing bar a day, and its getting to be a bit of a problem not only for my bank account but for my health too, but as much I try and resist there is a little voice inside telling me that I need it! I mean I’m currently half way through a bar now!


Last week myself and a friend took a trip to Chocolate Heaven, otherwise known as Cadbury’s world. This is the second time in my life that I have been here, and there will no doubtfully be a third and maybe a forth. Cadbury’s world is located in a town called Bourneville (hence the name of their famous dark chocolate) just outside Birmingham.

The tour started off showing us the history of the cocoa bean (whilst also giving us chocolate) and telling us about how drinking chocolate was as good as drinking alcohol back then: it was only for the wealthy. So this trip was not only enjoyable but also very educational and rewarding, making it a perfect day out. We saw so many videos including a 4D experience of how chocolate is made in Cadbury’s (whilst we ate more chocolate). I experienced so many melt in the mouth moments that my mouth is watering now as I write this.

Cadbury’s world was a perfect day out for all of the family to enjoy, and despite the childish appeal there was surprisingly little children visiting the factory, most of which were adults, which made us feel a little better about the overwhelming excitement we felt on the train ride there. The staff were very informative and made you feel right at home, it was a truly amazing day. My favourite part being the 4D experience which I could highly recommend doing.

The gift shop was also a big part of the day out as both myself and my friend bought more than we bargained for when browsing the chocolate filled room. I bought a bulk buy box of Cadbury’s dairy milk bars which had 60 inside, and a box of Curly Wurly’s containing 45. Along side a 850g chocolate bar which was as long as my arm!

I loved every second of my trip to my chocolate wonderland and I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

Love Georgina xx