19 Things I’ve Learnt in 19 Years

Good Morning World!

There are many things that you learn in your teenage years. So when a friend of mine asked, ‘What is the biggest thing you’ve learn this year?’ it got me thinking of all the amazing life lessons that I’ve come to know, that I, myself have independently learnt.


1. Not Everyone is a Nice Person

Growing up in a village surrounded by friendly people was a beautiful upbringing, but though my older teenage years I learnt that what you see on the outside isn’t always someone’s greatest intensions. Most people are selfish, and they don’t have your best interests at heart.

2. Money isn’t Everything

My gap year has taught me a lot about saving and spending money, but mostly it has taught me that its better to have the memories rather than the paper notes.

3. Nothing is Worth Being Unhappy

You’ll never remember those small upsets in a year to come, so why waste a chance to laugh and smile.

4. You Wont Get Everything You Wish For

Being a child is great, you have very basic wants and needs and they’re usually met by your parents, but as we age these things widen and more people want them and they’re harder to achieve.

5. Embrace Your Inner Child

Be silly, sing louder, don’t rush to grow up, being old is boring.

6. Don’t Stop Doing What You Love

Never let anyone tell you what your passionate about, or what you love. Let that drive you forward and not push you back.

7. Always Say YES To Pudding

Life is too short to not eat the chocolate cake.

8.  Not Everyone Will Want to Stay in Your Life

The friends you make at school wont always be there for you when you’re gone. But if they want to leave, let them. Its better to have a few close friends, quality over quantity.

9. Having a Job Teaches You a Lot

I am a massive advocate for having a part-time job while in your teenage years, it teaches you so much about life, and ultimately you’ve learnt lessons that others wont have thought about yet.

10. You Still Need Your Parents

As much as we don’t want to admit it, our parents are still a big part of our lives, and we do need them more than we think.

11. Be Thankful For What You Have

There are many people who have it worse than you, appreciate what you’ve got.

12. Read Lots

Knowledge is power.

13. Popularity Means Nothing

Once you’ve left school, no one cares about that stuff, you should want to be friends with someone for the person they are, not because of who they know.

14. Happy Girls are the Prettiest

You will ALWAYS look your best with a smile on your face, and everyone will see it.


Throwback to when I had long hair


15. Appreciate Nature

This is your planet and you have to look after it. After learning about how destructive humans are, I cant not recycle, and I cant not re-use bags. We make nature a happy place is we look after it.


16. Don’t Change Yourself for a Boy

…or girl. I learnt the hard way, but if they don’t like you for who you are, then they’re not right for you, and you will find someone who does.

17. Take Care of Yourself

You should never feel guilty for being selfish once in a while. You deserve the world!

18. Stress Less

Don’t beat yourself up over the little things, you’ll only get lines. HAHA!

19. Hold Onto Those Special in Your Life

They’re a blessing!

Love Georgina xxx



Sunday Chatter| Boys, Birthdays and Banter

Good Morning World!

I am currently snuggled up in bed with my pyjamas on and a hot chocolate. I thought this would be a nice chance for me to tell you all about my rather successful week. ūüėČ


Firstly, I have a rather important set of birthdays coming up in the next two months, and when I say large I only mean two people but they are rather important people. The first one is my mums, and as she gave me life all those years ago I feel obliged to get her something with at least a little significance. The second is my boyfriends, and because he did something so special for me on my birthday I know I have to live up to the same standards, as taking me to my favourite west end show after only mentioning it to him once when we first started going out about me longing to see it again, the getting seats so close I could touch the actors. Plus going to 3 different Pandora stores to find me the right necklace. I feel I have some living up to do.

Monday, my best friend Charlotte and I went to Bicester Village¬†on a shopping trip and I ended up spending more than I should on both birthdays. For my mother I bought a brand new kitchen set from Cath Kidston, including mugs, a plate set and some bowls etc, which I know that she’ll adore as we live in a Cottage and collects anything Cath Kidston. Then for my boyfriend I got the idea to buy him tickets to see his favourite Artist, Twenty One Pilots as they are touring in the UK, which was perfect. These ended up being massively more pricey than anticipated with the added ¬£100 booking fee which wasn’t mentioned until my card details were added! But hey I’m over it! The only thing I am then worried about is that he bought me a gift on top of the¬†‘event’.

Secondly, I had my first double date experience on Wednesday, which dare I say was long over due. One of my best friends Chloe, my boyfriend and hers which are also very close friends went to our local ‘Arcade’ place which has a bowling ally, bar and a million arcade games. This was a whole other world for me as bowling isn’t my strong point. The first game, I ended up coming last with 85 points, then the second game I was bumped up to 3rd and beat my previous score and got 86 points (a massive improvement if you ask me). Although the night started off at a disappointing start for me, I ended up redeeming myself at air hockey and Mario Kart, and if you ask me those things are more important!

Thirdly, and here comes the most exciting news… (for me anyway)!! I have finally gotten the hang of my car. For those of you who don’t know, I passed my driving test and am a proud owner of a little car named Joey. But for the past 3 weeks Joey hasn’t been the kindest to me (I cant get use to the bite). But I have finally found a breakthrough!!

How was your week?

Georgina xx


I Passed my Driving Test!

Good Morning World!



So this post is rather long overdue as I passed my driving test over a month ago and this post has literally been sat in my drafts box since that time. But here it is…

So on the 6th December 2016 I passed my driving test first time with 4 minors! Which to me is a big achievement as I have always been a nervous and anxious driver.

The moment I drove back into the test centre I was overcome with relief as not¬†only did the 40 minutes go super quickly (as I’m use to a hour and a half driving lesson) but I didn’t in my self feel like I did anything majorly wrong; which is usually the case as I do things wrong a lot. Haha!

Before taking my test I had a driving lesson before which resulted in me having a mental breakdown at the side of the road and my driving instructor wiping the tears off my face and encouraging me to actually take my test which I was refusing to do. I think its safe to say I don’t handle stress in the best light, but I am glad this happened and that I got all/most of the nerves out of the way before the big event.



Passing my driving test was a serious milestone for me. It gives me a sense of freedom and independence, and I am now able to travel wherever I want. It was never something that came naturally to me and was something I struggled with for over a year, but like all things with great determination you can do anything.

What is your test story?

Georgina xx

Change is Inevitable

Good Morning World!

Change is and will always be a big part of life, something that you cant help from happening. So the only thing to do is embrace change. By being resistant to change you’re only hurting yourself. One little event can totally change your life plans, so make plans as they come. Don’t plan ahead, and don’t be mad when plans change.


Throughout my life I have had my fair share of change. From my parents divorce to something smaller like changing my university course last minute. There are some things that are purely out of your control like my first example. When this happened to me I was 8 years old, and this change affected my life more than anything else. Not being able to live with my dad affected me on a personal level, but I realise looking back at it now that it was a good thing as living in an unhappy household with both pareant would have been worse than happily living with one parent.

Change can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, other people can change and this may force you to change, but sometimes you change yourself and it can influence the rest of your life. Without change I would never be where I am now. When I originally applied for university I wanted to study sociology and if I was perfectly honest with myself I only applied for the benefit of my mother who thought university was the way forward. But with time, I realised that I am not cut out for sociology and what I really wanted to do was become a teacher.

Things happen for a reason, and you have to accept that. It isn’t a bad thing, and even if it may seem like it is at first. You’ll look back at that experience and realise you wouldn’t be who you are now without it. You have grown as a person, and that’s the best change of all.

Love Georgina xx


Lets talk about… life

Good Morning World!


“What do you want to do when you grow up?” a question that always seemed to haunt me as a child. It was a frequently asked question by teachers, parents and friends and even from a young age I never knew the answer. I was surrounded by children who been dreaming of becoming a doctor or a fireman since they could walk but my response still remained blank. I never had an answer to fill in the gaps.

As I got older this question continued to be in the back of mind, I had to choose¬†a career otherwise I couldn’t make live happily. Not knowing seemed to be my biggest downfall as I couldn’t make decisions that will benefit that career pathway and I had no drive to do well, as metaphorically speaking, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. This meant that when choosing my GCSE options, A-level options and University course I let my parents choose and I was then led down the path they wanted me to take, which made me feel even less in control of my own life.

This question still ponders in my mind, however the wondering is getting smaller after realising my true potential. After finishing Sixth Form I decided to take a gap year before attending university, as I still didn’t know what I wanted out of life, I had applied to a university I didn’t want to attend to do a subject I didn’t want to study. I can tell you, that this was the best decision I have ever made. In September this year I started working full time at a Private Care Home, and although this can be a truly satisfying job it isn’t what¬†I wanted to do. I became so aware at the extent in which I missed my school years, how I missed staying up late at night finishing homework and writing essays the day before they’re due; I missed having something to do besides going into work.

I then enrolled to do several online university courses on a website called futurelearn.com, these courses last for several weeks and work like school. They require you to do you’re homework and hand everything in on a deadline. I have already completed a course in Psychology and got over 95%. These courses have been satisfying my need to learn in the time being.

Then I realised when looking back how much the school system contributed to who I am. I don’t mean that on a cringy level, but even as a child I use to really enjoy doing my homework or working on a project, so much so that I would run schooling classes for my parents and brother to attend. I would have so much fun creating lesson plans and timetables, and my favourite part about my little school was marking the test papers. This is when, as clich√© as it¬†sounds,¬†I realised my pathway in life. I want to be a teacher!

Since realising this I have been looking at different universities around the country and trying to find the one that will best suit what I want out of life. I feel more in control of my life and I finally have an answer to one of my unanswerable questions.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I want to be a Teacher!”

Love Georgina xx


Sworn To Secrecy

Good Morning World!IMG_2341

Blogging anonymously is something that I largely considered before starting my blog. There was something about the idea that seemed so appealing. That I could write about things that I wouldn’t want to share with my family and friends, things that only I should know about. I could write deep and meaningful posts without having to worry that someone out there would judge me. I mean, so many people probably do judge my content, but having someone you know judge you just feels a millions times worse. I contemplated about this idea for a good few weeks, not letting anyone influence my decision. I had blogged before and that was un-anonymously so everyone knew who¬†I was¬†and¬†I felt rather awkward about it every time¬†I posted. There was always that fear in the back of my head that someone from school was going to find it and think I was a freak. I didn’t want everyone¬†I knew to know what I was thinking or what was close to my heart. I would feel like¬†I was on display, and the information could be¬†used as an¬†advantage for any anyone seeking revenge. This was the main reason my first blog disappeared. I was too afraid.

After deciding that I was going to start another blog, this question keep haunting me. Was this blog going to be for my eyes only? or will I share it publically and risk being caught out by a fellow school chum? Last October (2014) I started my second blog, but it was anonymous and it was only¬†for myself. The blog couldn’t be viewed by anyone else by me, it was sort of like my own little diary. I wrote in it everyday and posted about my what was happening in my life. But in a matter of time¬†I found my life began to droop, there was so much stuff going on at home that my social life¬†became one big black hole, and all I wrote about was the vast variety of films¬†I watched that day. I decided to make a stand, to take charge of my life and really feel proud of something. This is when¬†I decided to create my new blog. I used it as a way to distract myself from my home life, and focus on creating good worthwhile content.¬†It made me want to get out of bed and do things; made me want to fill my schedule with blog-worthy material in order to satisfy what readers I had.

There is still something in the back of head that regrets putting my profile on public,¬†I couldn’t bare it if anyone from school ever found out about it. My little space on the internet to share my stories would be destroyed. I would stop writing for myself and start writing for them, and that is something I never want to do. I started this blog for myself, and that’s how it will stay.

I only told a fair few people about my little internet space, and they are people who¬†I would trust with my life. My best friends. I told people who¬†I knew wouldn’t judge me on my content and only encourage me to write more. People I will cherish for a lifetime.

Keep doing what makes you happy.

Georgina xx