How to spend a blissful Spring Morning | Bluebell Woodland

Good Morning World!

The sun is shinning in Britain and its finally starting to feel more like spring. This undoubtedly calls for a long Oxfordshire countryside walk in our beautiful woodlands. My friend Charlotte and I decided that we would take advantage of this once in a blue moon good weather and take our dogs out on a little adventure. However, as it does involve this particular best friend of mine a photoshoot is never out of the question, and with my undeniable love of photography we make a great pair.


“Take a quiet walk with mother nature, it will nurture your mind, body and sole.”

– Anthony Douglas Williams


The sheer beauty of nature is captivating and there is nothing I love more in this weather than to capture the colours and openness of nature. Whenever I’m out on a walk I always find myself wanting to take the whole scene with me. This may be one of the reasons I fell in love with photography because its a way of keeping hold of the memory without taking nature with you so to speak.



Always hold on to that joy!

Happy Photo taking friends.

Georgina xxx


Walking in the Countryside

Good Morning World!

Finding new and exciting things to do can be difficult but in the end its the simple things that bring you closer to the people you love. One hot Friday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went for a long walk over the fields behind my house to the next village. Although at the shear thought of going on a walk seemed utterly unappealing to him, he ended up enjoying it more than he thought.


We took my two dogs, Bonnie (the brown dog) and Duke (the black and white), over several miles of fields. They, needless to say, were almost excited as I was to be reminiscing this journey. When I was younger, my mum, younger brother and I use to walk this route all the time, we’d end up at the next village and spend a few hours at the local pub for a drink of lemonade and a lovely meal. As the weather was on our side I wanted to do the same with him.


Although walking may seem tedious to some people, it can also be such a pleasure especially when you are surrounded by such tremendous company.

We walked all the way to the next village stopping off at the scenic stops including an abandoned  shack to which we explored to my reluctance; a swamp which I didn’t realise existed until the dogs came back plastered in mud; and several trees perfect for climbing. Afterwards we stopped off at ‘The Black Boy Inn’ pub for a meal and a cheeky glass of pimms.


Its amazing what beautiful memories you can make with just a field and a camera.

Georgina xx



Hello Spring!

Good Morning World!


Its been a while. I seemed to have taken an unplanned blogging holiday due to my overwhelming pile of school work. It seems to be growing faster by the minute, and practically speaking that is probably what I should be doing, but I’ve missed this.

Blogging is something that I really enjoy as it allows me to escape from the real world and lose myself in my words. I have a passion for literature so it became no surprise that I fell in love with blogging as well. What I am trying to get at is, like with all things we love we sometimes need to have a short break from it to realise how much we really enjoyed it. I guess the phase “absence makes the heart grown fonder” fits perfectly to this situation.


Over the break I have been busy. I don’t just meet run of the mill “I’m busy” busy, I mean well and truly, undeniably busy. I made the mistake of telling my manager at work that I’m saving up for my holiday to Corfu in July (mum is refusing to pay for me now that I have a ‘job’) which meant I asked him for some extra shifts to help pay for it. This may have backfired slightly as for the last few weeks I have been working over 20 hours a week, along with going to Sixth Form, and trying to do all the other stuff I enjoy. Needless to say, my blog suffered, my social life suffered and my grades suffered. Woop D in Biology! NOT! I have now talked to him about this and I’m back to my standard 14 hours, which is still over the recommended hours for a 17 year old, but it is more manageable for me.

I am now a published journalist, she says lightly. Well, slight exaggeration, I joined the school newspaper. This has been something I have wanted to try out for a while now, and with this being my last year at school I thought I would at least give it a shot. The student and teacher editor’s seems to like my stuff, so I’m going to be in the next issue. I am so excited.

Now, lets talk about boys. I have been a little bit distracted recently because of someone, but is not serious yet so lets just put a pin in that for now. I’ll fill you in later *winks*

I am now the proud owner of a DSLR camera, I have wanted one of these for so long, and since I have been working so many more hours I can now afford one. (I know what you’re thinking, “Georgie that money is for your holiday” but I got a ‘Christmas’ bonus of a 3 digit number, so I can afford it). I have been rather enjoying taking pictures of flowers, as you can tell from the attached photographs.

So, as you can see my schedule has been pretty jam packed so I hope you forgive me from the lack of content. I should, hopefully be picking it back up again now, and expect to see more ‘professional’ photos *nudge nudge*.

Georgina xx


101 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Good Morning World!

Everyone has a bucket list; a list of things you want to do before you die. I came up with 101 things that I want to do before I die, and I will be ticking them off as I go, so keep your eyes pealed. pic 101

  1. Step foot on all 7 continents.
  2. Visit the Eiffel tower.
  3. Swim in the Great Barrier Reef.
  4. Go Skydiving.
  5. Spend Christmas in New York City.
  6. Perform in a Theatre production.
  7. Learn a new language.
  8. Jump off a Cliff.
  9. Go Kite Surfing.
  10. Swim with Dolphins.
  11. Go Zorbing.
  12. Visit Disney world in Orlando, Florida.
  13. Stand under a Waterfall.
  14. Sleep in a igloo.
  15. See the Northern Lights.
  16. Be a Bridesmaid.
  17. Take a boat tip over the ocean.
  18. Publish a book.
  19. Be on the cover of a Magazine.
  20. Get Front row at a Concert.
  21. Have my 15 minutes of Fame.
  22. Pose with a wax figure.
  23. Attend London Fashion week.
  24. Attend a Masquerade Ball.
  25. Participate in a Food Fight.
  26. Try Frogs Legs in France.
  27. Sleep under the stars.
  28. Have a white Christmas.
  29. Stay awake for 24 hours straight.
  30. Adopt an endangered animal.
  31. Attend the Olympics.
  32. Go in a submarine.
  33. Participate in a 5k run.
  34. Go on Safari.
  35. Fly First class.
  36. Touch a Pyramid.
  37. Stand under the Hollywood sign.
  38. Get a Tattoo.
  39. Go Paragliding.
  40. Bathe an Elephant.
  41. Hold a Monkey.
  42. Name a star.
  43. Kiss in the rain.
  44. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
  45. Be an extra in a film.
  46. Become a street performer for the day.
  47. Learn how to sing.
  48. Walk the red carpet.
  49. Own a pair of red bottom shoes. (LV)
  50. Design and build my dream house.
  51. Tell someone I love them.
  52. Have Breakfast in bed.
  53. Own my dream car.
  54. Walk on a nude beach.
  55. Unplug for a week.
  56. Ride a camel.
  57. Go backpacking.
  58. Do volunteer work.
  59. Throw someone a surprise party.
  60. Earn 6 figures a year.
  61. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge.
  62. Climb a Mountain.
  63. Make a difference to someone’s life.
  64. Sing in front of a live audience (karaoke counts).
  65. Be invited to a premier.
  66. Go skinny dipping in the ocean.
  67. Swim in a waterfall.
  68. Go on a road trip with no destination in mind.
  69. Be able to do a handstand for 20 seconds.
  70. Learn to drive 3 different vehicles.
  71. Write a letter to my future self.
  72. Go Bungee jumping.
  73. Make my own clothes.
  74. Go on the London eye.
  75. Meet someone from the Harry Potter cast.
  76. Feed a wild animal.
  77. Model for a magazine.
  78. Meet the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (TV show).
  79. Go horseback riding on the beach.
  80. Hear my parents say they are proud of me.
  81. Get married.
  82. Learn an instrument.
  83. Climb the Statue of Liberty.
  84. Give someone a heartfelt surprise.
  85. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  86. Go white water rafting.
  87. Make a complete fool of myself in front of hundreds of people.
  88. Go to a murder mystery dinner.
  89. Hire a personal shopper.
  90. Have someone write a poem/song about me.
  91. Spend a night in a haunted house.
  92. Have dinner with a celebrity.
  93. Climb the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building.
  94. Spend a year away from home.
  95. Start my own business.
  96. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands.
  97. Have a family of my own.
  98. Have a bonfire/campout somewhere crazy.
  99. Go on a road trip with my friends.
  100. Have a huge water balloon fight.
  101. Be completely and undeniably happy.

I started out this post with 101 things in mind, but I hope to be adding to it as my life goes on. To achieve number 101, I will have to achieve everything on this list. Wish me luck.

Georgina xx

A Day in the Life of a Pampered Pooch

Good Morning World!

Going on long tranquil walks was one of the reasons I decided to get a dog. There is nothing more soothing than spending the afternoon walking along fields and past streams. Last weekend my beautiful dogs and I spent the entire day exploring the fields behind my house, spending hours roaming through the long grass and cascading through the brook. Since summer is coming to a close, I thought I would make the most of the good weather while it lasted.

Duke (left) and Bonnie (right) enjoying their walk.

I set off with my two beautiful dogs Duke and Bonnie. Duke is 3 years old (black and white), while Bonnie is only 1 year old (brown). They can be quite the handful when they want to be. Always pulling on their leads, and barking, which is how they show their excitement. Bonnie always likes to howl as you are putting her lead on, telling you to hurry up because she wants to go. Duke on the other hand is a delight to walk. They are both Tibetan Terriers, and are actually Uncle and Niece, as we are still in contact with Duke’s sister Pepper.

Luckily, when we got to the fields the sheep weren’t there, because there is nothing I hate more than going into a field with livestock, because Bonnie thinks its a good idea to chase the sheep or cows and once nearly got herself killed (but that’s another story). When the livestock are in the field I always like to use the extending leads so that they can explore the field more without having them chasing everything that moves, but since it was just us and the birds today I was able to let them off completely. Their little faces were eternally grateful.

IMG_1664After walking around the fields, we took a quick de-tour through the brook. Water isn’t really Bonnie and Dukes cup of tea, Duke has an irrational fear of getting his head under the water, and the only water Bonnie has ever been in, is the bath, so you can imagine the struggle of getting them both to cross. However, to my surprise Duke got straight into the stream and was paddling quite happily in the water. This may have been because for the most part the water was only up to his knees, but I was still very proud of my little puppy. This then encourage Bonnie to dart in, and both of them were splashing each other in the stream.

I really enjoyed this walk and so did my dogs. I think that summer walks are always the best, because the sun is shinning and you can’t help but be in a good mood. Whether you have dogs or not, walking is a fantastic way to keep fit. I have always gone on walks with my grandparents when I was younger, I loved playing in the grass and climbing the trees with my brother. Always trying to get higher and higher on each passing one. Since I have gotten dogs, I have more of an excuse to go walking through the mystical fields.

Remember to keep walking, and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

Georgina xx

Poppy Orange

Good Morning World!


I am currently in love with this off the shoulder 70’s inspired top from Miss Selfridge. It is quickly becoming one of my wardrobe staples this summer. The orange floral print is one that could take you right into Autumn and is a definite must have for your 2015 wardrobe.

I paired it with these blue high waisted skinny jeans from New Look, and some plain black ballerina pumps from H&M.



Photographer: Caris

Georgina xx

Princess Towers

Good Morning World!


Before we begin, can we take a moment to admire the beauty that is this 60’s inspired A-line dress from Miss Selfridge £39.99. It was one of those “I have to have you moments”, from when you first lay eyes on it, until you first try it on, this dress was my 60’s dream. However, despite the undeniable WOW factor, this dress is very different from something that I would usually buy, but as I have gathered from experience the clothes that seem the furthest away from your taste, may be the thing you fall deeply in love with, because you never expect it.

I paired it with these chunky white leather sandals to add a touch of ‘2015’ to this 60’s inspired dress.


Photographer: Caris

forever yours

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