Taking a leap of faith

Good Morning World!

The last couple of months for me have been sh*t, to say the least, and it could’ve come down to a lot of things, but ultimately it’s my job. I have been working in a pub for the last couple of months and I just can’t seem to crack it. Which then led me to have to make a decision, do I stick it out for the summer or take a leap of faith.


Let’s fast forward to the very beginning. My beautiful boyfriend and I decided that for the entirety of the summer we would spend it together. This all seemed well and good before we realised we needed money (I know right, it ruins everything), so we both got jobs. Harry (the said boyfriend mentioned above) had bagged himself a nifty 9-5 job Monday to Friday, and I had taken the only place that offered me a job, working evenings and weekends in a pub. This was the first mistake because it meant that we didn’t see each other, which caused great regret to the fact we could’ve just gone home and leached off our parents.

The second problem was money. I was use to a very nice job at home working in a care home earning a healthy wage, I then traded that for under 21’s minimum wage. Which is fine, but it didn’t cover my rent. Enter dilemma two.

The rest of the problems could’ve easily been liveable if it weren’t for A and B, but they ended up being big deciders in my “leap of faith” plan. I spend my days waiting for Harry to come home, to spend a hour with him and then go to work, spending most of the time crying in the toilets. I felt like I didn’t fit in at work and found the management poor, plus I really didn’t like getting hit on by old men.

I kept thinking to myself that I could just stick it out for the rest of summer, so I put it off and put it off, but one day I couldn’t put it off any longer. I went into work intending to do my 10 hour shift and walked out 10 minutes later unemployed.

Sometimes you just have to put yourself first and take the plunge. Yes I do feel like I’ve waisted 3 months of my life on nothing, and yes it may have taken me another 2 weeks to find myself a new job but I am so much more happy in myself and with my new job Harry and I can finally have the summer we both wanted. I learnt that things don’t always go right the first time, and its better to do something about it than live with the unhappiness.

Cheers to that,

Georgina xx

Parisian Adventures | Paris Diaries | Day 5

Good Morning World!

So its our last day in Paris, and the last day of the most amazing holiday I have ever been on. The whole experience was perfect even down to the weather which is an odd thing for a Brit to say. Truly one to remember.

DSC_0409 (2)

We’re actually heading off home today, and our train is at 16:00 local time, which meant that today we only have the morning. We decided earlier in the week that we would do the Louvre Museum on the last day as they have baggage lockers that store your stuff, as you aren’t allowed to bring anything with you into the museum. The lockers hold a standard cabin size case, so if you are planning on doing the same make sure it fits the measurements shown on their website (however mine was slightly bigger and it still fit).

We arrived at the Louvre Museum at around 11, slightly later than we planned on arriving but the late night from Disneyland yesterday really took a toll on us. This was still enough time for us to have a quick look around, but we got to see the Mona Lisa, so we’re not exactly complaining.

They say that it takes 9 months to fully get around the Louvre Museum, including reading every label on every floor. This to me is ridiculous and just shows how big the building actually is, because at first I thought the museum was just the pyramid, lol I was wrong. Everything in the building was so interesting and it was full of many different artefacts from many time periods, my favourite being the Egyptians. However, because of time issues we skimmed most of the museum and didn’t read any of the labels (mostly because they were in French). If we would’ve had more time I would’ve loved to have seen more of the museum and taken the time to examine each object. We still enjoyed our visit and even though it was short we were glad we got to see it.


DSC_0425 (2)
This is me trying to copy the statue.


After leaving the Louvre it was time to say goodbye to our temporary home, one in which I did not want to leave for at least another few days. On the train journey back I felt so down about my holiday being over but despite everything I had created so many great memories and travelled to one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world!

Thank you for having me Paris,

Love Georgina xx

Gap Year Photo Calendar

Good Morning World!

I feel like I have blinked and summer has disappeared! I think that a lot of people will be feeling the same as I am right now, but for me its more than just summer.

2017-25-08-18-36-16 (2)

I don’t know if many of you may be aware but this time last year I finished my A-levels and decided to have a gap year before my deferred place at University. I didn’t feel ready to move away from my family just yet, and mostly because I didn’t really know what I wanted. I spent the year working full time at the job I already had prior to starting my gap year, I work in my local Care Home looking after the elderly which is a very fulfilling job. Along with having a job I have gone back and forth over the idea of going to University in the first place; I would say I am a very indecisive person especially when it comes to big decisions that will ultimately change my future, so after looking at countless different Universities, Colleges, Apprenticeships and jobs, I came to my final conclusion.

My gap year has benefited me as it meant that could not only save for Uni and have more money behind me, but it also meant that I am sure on my future and what I want to get out of my degree. I cant speak for everyone but when I have something to work for and something that I want to achieve, I work harder than if I’m just doing it for a “what if” reason. For example, my GCSE grades and my AS grades don’t reflect what I can do, I had no drive, nothing to work towards, nothing I wanted to do. About halfway though my second year at Sixth Form I knew I wanted to do Psychology at University and I worked my butt off, and it paid off. It just goes to show you how much goals really do help drive you.

So after I’ve finished rambling on, I am going to post one picture for every month of my gap year to illustrate how I have changed and what I have done this past year, starting last September.






This photo was taken at the Roman Baths in Bath.




This was taken at the Birmingham Christmas Market, in Birmingham.




This picture was taken moments after passing my driving test! FIRST TIME!







Valentines Day









Aviary Photo_131420108375096748



This photo was taken at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.





Aviary Photo_131439272094427059
This was taken at Burton Dassett Hills in Warwickshire.




DSC_0961 (2)
This is a picture of me rowing at the Palace of Versailles in Paris.


Thank you for reading, I’ve had the most amazing year and I cant wait to begin the next chapter of my life at University next month.

Love Georgina xxx


Sworn To Secrecy

Good Morning World!IMG_2341

Blogging anonymously is something that I largely considered before starting my blog. There was something about the idea that seemed so appealing. That I could write about things that I wouldn’t want to share with my family and friends, things that only I should know about. I could write deep and meaningful posts without having to worry that someone out there would judge me. I mean, so many people probably do judge my content, but having someone you know judge you just feels a millions times worse. I contemplated about this idea for a good few weeks, not letting anyone influence my decision. I had blogged before and that was un-anonymously so everyone knew who I was and I felt rather awkward about it every time I posted. There was always that fear in the back of my head that someone from school was going to find it and think I was a freak. I didn’t want everyone I knew to know what I was thinking or what was close to my heart. I would feel like I was on display, and the information could be used as an advantage for any anyone seeking revenge. This was the main reason my first blog disappeared. I was too afraid.

After deciding that I was going to start another blog, this question keep haunting me. Was this blog going to be for my eyes only? or will I share it publically and risk being caught out by a fellow school chum? Last October (2014) I started my second blog, but it was anonymous and it was only for myself. The blog couldn’t be viewed by anyone else by me, it was sort of like my own little diary. I wrote in it everyday and posted about my what was happening in my life. But in a matter of time I found my life began to droop, there was so much stuff going on at home that my social life became one big black hole, and all I wrote about was the vast variety of films I watched that day. I decided to make a stand, to take charge of my life and really feel proud of something. This is when I decided to create my new blog. I used it as a way to distract myself from my home life, and focus on creating good worthwhile content. It made me want to get out of bed and do things; made me want to fill my schedule with blog-worthy material in order to satisfy what readers I had.

There is still something in the back of head that regrets putting my profile on public, I couldn’t bare it if anyone from school ever found out about it. My little space on the internet to share my stories would be destroyed. I would stop writing for myself and start writing for them, and that is something I never want to do. I started this blog for myself, and that’s how it will stay.

I only told a fair few people about my little internet space, and they are people who I would trust with my life. My best friends. I told people who I knew wouldn’t judge me on my content and only encourage me to write more. People I will cherish for a lifetime.

Keep doing what makes you happy.

Georgina xx

Barley Fields

Good Morning World!

I love going on long walks, this is one of the reasons why I got a dog. There is something so tranquil about being alone in a field with only your closest friends as your company. Just you, them and nature. IMG_2557

My friend Phoebe and I, decided that we would do something a little different than the usual shopping spree, and we took a picnic up the fields behind my house and went on the longest walk I think I have ever experienced. However, despite the everyday, legs aching, feet throbbing, we managed to walk to the next village; with frequent picnic breaks. During these breaks we seemed to take more than a fair number of photographs, most of them being the casual “oh you caught me off guard”, one of my personal favourites. Other than pretending to be models, Phoebe and I enjoyed a healthy session of Rummy, which for any of you who don’t know is a card game. “You never know what you’re going to need a pack of cards” Phoebe exclaimed as she pulled a deck of cards out of her bag. Talk about anti-techno day.

We spend nearly 4 hours out on our adventure, and by the end we were knackered. Phoebe had a pedometer app on her phone so she was able to tell me how many steps we took, how many miles me walked and how many calories we burned in the process.

Steps: 9,662

Distance: 6.19 km (3.3miles)

calories burned: 276

Steps per minute: 106

They say to stay healthy you are suppose to walk 10,000 steps a day, I think that this is a very unrealistic goal as Phoebe and I dedicated a whole day to go walking and we still didn’t reach the recommended goal. I don’t think that anyone can walk 10,000 steps all day, everyday, unless they are a long distance runner or professional walker (if there is such a thing).


Overall, doing exercise (even if it is just walking) always puts me in a good mood, and even if I don’t feel it at the time, I always feel very proud that I have done something active.

I challenge everyone reading this to achieve 10,000 steps in a day, before the summer is over.

Happy walking.

Georgina xx

Sixteen going on Seventeen

“I am sixteen, going on seventeen. Innocent as a rose.

People I meet, may tell me I’m sweet, and willingly I believe.”

– The Sound of Music                                                      

Good Morning World!

Today is not just any day, but it is my birthday, well technically its tomorrow, (August 10th). I am finally 17, and I can no longer call myself the baby of the year.  Being born in August has its goods and bads, sometimes I feel the bad out weights the good, but like any time of the year we have to make use of the advantages and keep everything else in the back of our minds. If anyone reading this is also born in August, you will feel my pain when I say that I am always the last person to be able to do something. This year its driving, every one of my friends has their provisional driving licence and is taking lessons, heck some of them have even passed, and I’m just sat here, still sixteen, waiting for tomorrow so the birthday fairy can bring me my magical grown up number.

My 2nd Birthday
My 2nd Birthday

Over the last couple of weeks I have been contemplating in my head what I should do for my birthday this year, I never have a massive celebration, to be quite honest they aren’t my thing, I prefer to spend my birthday with my closest friends and family, instead of having a massive blow out session. To the people around me, my birthday never really becomes a topic until a couple of days before, and I’m not one to mention it myself, well not this year anyway. In fact, I seem to get more excited over other peoples birthdays than my own. I still don’t know if that’s a bad thing, or not?

Anyway, all this birthday talk got me thinking about all my past birthdays when I was a child, and how Mum and Dad would hire out the village hall, and we have a disco with a bouncy house and magician. I have a vivid memory of one year when my parents wanted to make my party extra special for me, so they played my favourite song at the time (Fast Food Song), and my mum and a couple of her friends were being the dancers at the front, and everyone was mimicking their dance moves. I bet they felt like pop stars. The same year, my dad became the magician because we couldn’t afford a proper one. He spent weeks and weeks learning new magic tricks for my party, he got pretty good at it by the end, and to this day I sometimes find money behind my ears.

At nursery for my 3rd Birthday
At nursery for my 3rd Birthday

Birthdays are very special, turning another year older and only celebrating it with the people who love you the most. I am looking forward to my birthday, however tomorrow I am spending it at work, because the idiot that I am, forgot to book the day off. But I’m not complaining, I love my job and the people I get to work with, so its not the end of the world, however my shift does start at half 7 in the morning.

Looking forward to tomorrows early start.

Georgina xx