Reunion in Christchurch

Good Morning World!

At the beginning of summer, I thought I would spend my summer holidays making loads of money, going on holidays and road trips with all my friends and just overall having a good time. As it would seem I’m more than halfway through my summer, I’m still as broke as when I started, while also working 40 plus hours a week and I haven’t seen any of my friends from University.

This plateau of a summer seemed to come to an end when me and my two best friends went for a long weekend away to one of our houses in the sunny town of Christchurch next to Bournemouth.

Judging from my lack of summer fun I bet you all can tell how excited I was to finally have something on my social calendar other than taking my Grandma to Sainsbury’s and back. I was packed about a week prior and my car was filled with petrol all ready for my long 4 hour journey down to the south coast.

20180722_202009 (2)


Day 1: Our first point of reference when hitting this gorgeous city was to head to the beach (obviously) and since we arrived late evening we brought some fire wood and some roasting equipment; i.e. some sticks and marshmallows, nothing fancy, and had a bonfire on the beach. This seemed all well and good at first until I decided it was a good idea to light twigs on fire and wave them around my head, but lets skim over that part.

20180722_214337 (2)20180722_221805 (2)


Day 2: Since we Britons were going through a bit of a heat wave late July, early August, we thought we’d make the most of it and have an all day visit to Bournemouth beach to top up our tans, (or start one in my case), as its not everday England sees temperatures reaching near 30 degrees centigrade. This seemed like a good idea at the time until the idiot that I am forgot to apply sun cream to certain areas of my body, which resulted in some serious sun burns, some of which I am still recovering from 3 weeks later. I think its fair to say I learnt my lesson. Always wear sun cream kids!

Following on from our day of beach galore, in true student fashion we hit the town for a well needed night of dancing and (sensible) drinking. It only seemed fitting as this was primarily what our friendships were formed on.

20180723_131316 (2)20180723_201147 (2)

Day 3: As you can imagine we started the day off with a morning of recovery, which then turned into a whole day of lounging around until we finally plucked up the energy to wonder around the New Forest. It was refreshing having spent the previous day on the sand to suddenly be wondering around the countryside. Dorset really does have the best of both worlds.

That evening myself and one of the girls proceeded to cook dinner for the whole family as a thank you for letting us stay and cause havoc in their home. It was safe to say it was a huge success and I managed not to poison anyone which is always a 50/50 chance when I’m behind the stove.

20180724_172841 (2)20180724_172932 (2)

My time by the seaside, although a short visit proved very well. Not only did I have a wonderful time seeing the sights of the Bournemouth and Christchurch area but I got to see my two very best friends.

Thank you for reading,

Georgina xx


Freedom in a Seaside City: Bournemouth holiday – Day 3

Good Morning World!

Another day, another blog post! This is getting to be quite a series. When looking back I realise how much I actually did on this holiday. Crazy, how much I packed into these 4 short days.


IMG_2525I woke up this morning to Georgie shaking me, not my idea way to wake up especially when your tired, lets just say I wasn’t in the greatest mood with her after that. It was half 10, and since we had been out raving at a Clean Bandit concert until half 12 in the morning, its safe to say we were a little tired and deserved a lie in. Georgie obviously thought I didn’t.

We started the day off with a very late breakfast, which could be classed at brunch considering the time. Anyway, when we finally woke up Lynda said that we could go off on our own today, in the town centre and to the beach. This wasn’t scary for me as Bournemouth is what I would consider my second home, I know exactly where everything is and how to get there, Georgie was a little more anxious, as this was her first time in the city.

Shopping is probably my biggest kryptonite. I am a shopaholic like some people are alcoholics, (that may be an extreme example but you get the idea). This is a benefit for my wardrobe and fashion gene, but maybe not for my bank balance. In fact it took a huge hit today. But what I bought, was in my opinion worth it.IMG_2518

After shopping Georgie and I treated ourselves to a MacDonald’s in the park, normally I am not the biggest MacDonald’s fan, I have probably offended a few people now, but fast food is not what I would consider an ideal meal. But whenever I’m with Georgie, it is all we eat, that may be because where I live there aren’t many places that actually sell food, or it may be that Georgie is just a bad influence. I guess I’ll never know. After our “very healthy meal” we made our way to the beach where we were taking ‘tumblr’ style pictures, at least trying to anyway. The idea has always been there for us, having beautiful pictures is another one of my weaknesses, as you can tell by my holiday posts having over 30 photos on, (let me just tell you they are only a snippet of how many I actually have). We obviously had no one to take the pictures on the beach for us as Lynda was off doing her own thing, so we discovered a miracle app, Retrica, which has a timer so that is the secret behind our atrzy fartzy pictures. The one bad thing about using a timer is that I had to keep running back and forth between the shoot and the camera, I looked like a right weirdo. There was even an old couple sat next to us who were laughing, but that didn’t stop us from having our fun.


There is something about being at the beach that makes you feel so relaxed. My advice for any workaholics out there, a place to go and de-stress is definitely at the beach. It doesn’t even have to be for a proper holiday, if you travel down for the weekend or even just a day. I would definitely recommend it. Happy beaching!

Georgina xx

Freedom in a seaside city: Bournemouth holiday – Day 2: Stand up Paddleboarding and Campbestival

IMG_2383Good Morning World!

It is day 2 of my exciting holiday adventure to Bournemouth, and I have to say today was one of my favourite days of the entire weekend. The second day is always the most exciting, its the first proper day of the holiday where no travelling is required and you wake up to the beautiful place you’re currently calling home.I couldn’t believe I was here, even at this point it hadn’t quite sunk in. I kept saying to Georgie, “OMG I can’t believe we’re here”, we were buzzing at what lay ahead.

We literally raced out of bed that morning ready to start the day. Lynda took us down to Boscombe Pier where we had breakfast on the beach at this cute little restaurant/café called Urban Reef. We both had the pancakes, served with maple syrup and wild berries. I had been down to Urban Reef before and they are known for they exquisite pancakes, so there was no surprise when I saw them on the menu.IMG_2396

After breakfast Lynda suggested that since today was such a glorious day weather wise and sea wise, we should go Stand up paddle boarding as she didn’t think we would get another chance as the sea was flat as a pancake (ironic). It was perfect.

For those of you who don’t know what stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is, its basically when you stand on a 9 feet board (2.7m), and you are given a paddle, and you basically stand on the board and paddle out into the sea.

It was so exciting being out on the sea as it was so clear you see for miles beneath you, this is one of the most frightening experiences of being out on the sea, however it was so cool as it was Jellyfish season and we could see thousands of Jellyfish underneath us. Before you ask, the ones in Britain are not poisonous, and there has been very few cases where they have stung anyone. The most they will do is swim away from us.

As you can see from the very few photos that I actually attached we had a marvellous time.

After the seaside adventure we headed to Camp Bestival, which was a festival held in Ludworth Castle in Dorset. We had tickets for the Friday, and I was so excited as festivals are a summer essential. They had loads of headlining acts and so much to do for all the family. Usually festivals are predominantly music and food, however Camp Bestival had some weird forms of entertainment that most people wouldn’t have even thought of. For example, they had yoga classes, silent discos and a Bollywood tent, where people could go to dance, and let their inhibitions takeover.

My favourite part of the entire festival was getting to see Clean Bandit, perform live. They are one of my all time favourite bands and Georgie and I managed to make our way to the barrier. I had never been front row at a festival or concert before, so it was exciting as the experience is completely different to the middle, back or side, as you feel a lot more involved and the atmosphere is brilliant. Unfortunately, my camera decided to have a meltdown because of the light on stage, so all of the photos I took are blurred or just terrible. However I did manage to take some videos, but as we were at the front, we were right next to the speaker and my camera mic had a little spaz. Overall, my festival experience has been a good one, looking forward to what the future holds.

Georgina xx

Freedom in a Seaside City: Bournemouth Holiday – Day 1

a cover pic

Good Morning World

Departing on your first holiday alone with friends is always an exciting time, the thrill of not being told what to do by your parents. A time where the skies the limit and rules are out of the question. Your first holiday without your mum and dad is something everyone will go through in their lifetime, giving you a sense of the ‘leaving the nest’ feeling that all parents dread.

Last Thursday my best friend Georgie and I headed down to Bournemouth for our first holiday away from our parents. At first my mother was reluctant to let me go; she is one of those over-protective parents that believes I am going to be brutally murdered or kidnapped on every street corner. It took a long time for her to fully commit to the idea of me going off on my own. IMG_2295When she finally came around, (which took months of begging and re-assuring her of my maturity), Georgie and I got ready embark on our journey to independence.

Thursday morning we took a 2 1/2 hour train ride that took us straight into Bournemouth station, this was when we really felt that we were on our own. This was not a strange city for me, as my father, brother and I use to take holidays to Bournemouth all year round, it is my perfect seaside city. But there is nothing like arriving alone in a strange town, I didn’t know weather to feel excited, scared or apprehensive. In the end I went for a bit of everything.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Dad’s ex girlfriend, who was so kindly letting us stay in her house while we explore Bournemouth. Don’t get me wrong at first this was a very awkward situation, however she is a big part of my life and we have shared so many memories so I quickly become comfortable with whole idea. Also its not like my dad didn’t know I was going, him and my grandparents are still very tight with Lynda so everything worked out okay. We quickly made ourselves at home in her beautiful new house. The décor was very beach-y and you could tell she lived in a seaside town. IMG_2319

After making ourselves feel comfortable Lynda took us to the beach where we enjoyed a harmonious mile walk which led us to a beach hut café for dinner. I felt so overwhelmed to actually be walking on the beach, it still felt unreal that we were on holiday. I had so much excitement and all I wanted to do was document every kook and cranny of the scenery.

I just want to apologise in advance for the wave if photos coming your way.


After having our little photo shoot, we arrived at a little beach hut café called The beach hut café, personally I always find it really refreshing to sit next to the sea and enjoy an appetising meal after being on the train all day.  It’s a nice little reward. The table we got at the café was basically on the seafront, our table was about 5 metres away from the tides. The outside of the café had the traditional; beach hut stripes around and it made me feel like I was abroad somewhere like Greece or Spain.IMG_2361 IMG_2381

I got the Fish and chips for my main, as the fish had been freshly caught that morning and there is no better meal to have when your sat on the coast line. IMG_2372


Then for pudding I got my favourite which is a chocolate fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream. My life became complete at this moment.IMG_2376

At first I was going to feature my whole holiday in one blog  post, however I did so much that this is not at all going to be possible, so stay tuned to find out what else I got up to on my holiday.

Georgina xx