Turning 21

Good Morning World!

Today I am waking up a new woman, or indeed just the first time I’ve woken up and called myself something other than a girl. I am now 21 years old. AAAHHH! This is so crazy! Seems like a blink of an eye since I was saying hello to my teenage years and now, POOF I’m a proper adult. I’ve got to wave goodbye to my immaturity and start thinking about grown up things like a pension or a mortgage *shudders*.


I can say with great confidence that I am not ready to say goodbye to being 20, it really has been my favourite year so far! I know, I know! I’ve said this before, but I can’t possibly believe that it can get better than this (obviously I’m so up for it going in that direction), but what if it doesn’t?… Negativity aside, I have never enjoyed a year more and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

I think the biggest thing that has happened this past year is that I have now officially moved out, oh and I have a ring on my finger. Yes, this has come at a bit of a surprise. I have found the man of my dreams and we are now living together. I owe so much of this year to him and it really wouldn’t have been as special without him.

Friendships have definitely blossomed too, having an extra year under your belt at Univeristy really does make your confidence come out a little more (especially when you’re incredibly shy like myself). I have made some solid friendships, some of which I know will last a lifetime.

Here’s to taking responsibly for my actions! Here’s to proper adulthood! Here’s to no more excuses… Here’s to 21!



Official Member of the Twenties Club

Good Morning World!

If any of you know me, you’ll know it was my birthday the other week, and if you didn’t know then where have you been? I am ordinarily not really a big birthday person, don’t get me wrong I love all this celebration stuff but I prefer it when I’m not the one who’s birthday it is.

This year however, I wanted to do something a little more memorable than my usual Chinese takeaway evening with my close family; as this one is a little more special than the usual. I reached my third decade of living and this called for more than the average. Don’t jump to conclusions though it still wasn’t anything as extravagant as someone else would class as a normal celebration.

DSC_2939 (2)DSC_2954 (2)

I started my day off with the traditional ‘being-woken-up-by-my-mother-singing’ which led into a morning of gift exchange. I was spoilt to say the least. Myself, my mother, grandmother and brother then enjoyed a lovely lunch out at one of our local fancy-pants restaurants. It was a lovely way to spend the day, with the people I deem closest to me.

The evening began the real fun part, and since I’d already done the whole ‘going out and getting smashed’ thing on my 18th I thought it was time for something more grown up and civilised. I invited a handful of my closest friends round for girls night in with wine, snacks and great convocation. We ended up talking for hours and I deemed it to be one of the best ways to end your birthday!

DSC_2960 (2)DSC_2965 (2)DSC_2977 (2)

The day after my birthday, or as I like to call it My Birthday +1, myself and my mother went to Bicester Village for a well needed shopping spree. For those who don’t know what Bicester village is, its basically a designer outlet outdoor shopping centre, it holds some of the most beautiful brands for a fraction of their original price. I am very lucky to be able to live so close to such a popular tourist spot. I think it was safe to say myself and mother spent a great deal of time and money here on the Saturday and came home with some marvellous purchases, including a birthday present from myself to myself; a Kate Spade bag which I am in love with.

My 20th Birthday was a success and I am looking forward to what this year has to offer me. Its time for a fresh start! Here’s to another year filled with love and laughter.

Love Georgina xx

Turning Twenty

Good Morning World!

HELLO to yet another year! Time is passing so quickly I can barely keep up with it! Today is my Birthday, I’ve made the big jump from being a teenager to a full fledged member of the twenties club. It scares me to think that my teenage years are behind me, there are no excuses now, I’m an ADULT! Jokes aside though… I am happy to be moving into this new phase in my life, and I hope life as a twenty year old suits me well.

DSC_2970 (2)


The last 365 days have probably been one of the best ones yet. I have loved my time blogging and creating content. I have really gotten into the whole photography element recently, hopefully you’ve noticed. My biggest change from last year has to be my transition from living at home to living independently at University, I have really come into myself and I owe this year to that.

DSC_1929 (2)DSC_0210 (2)

This new time in my life is going to be one of the best ones yet, your twenties are the years where you really come into yourself and I’m excited to find out who Georgina really is. Just thinking about what could happen is unimaginable, but I’m ready to put my best foot forward and begin to adult in a way I didn’t realise I knew how.

Here’s to another year.

19 Things I’ve Learnt in 19 Years

Good Morning World!

There are many things that you learn in your teenage years. So when a friend of mine asked, ‘What is the biggest thing you’ve learn this year?’ it got me thinking of all the amazing life lessons that I’ve come to know, that I, myself have independently learnt.


1. Not Everyone is a Nice Person

Growing up in a village surrounded by friendly people was a beautiful upbringing, but though my older teenage years I learnt that what you see on the outside isn’t always someone’s greatest intensions. Most people are selfish, and they don’t have your best interests at heart.

2. Money isn’t Everything

My gap year has taught me a lot about saving and spending money, but mostly it has taught me that its better to have the memories rather than the paper notes.

3. Nothing is Worth Being Unhappy

You’ll never remember those small upsets in a year to come, so why waste a chance to laugh and smile.

4. You Wont Get Everything You Wish For

Being a child is great, you have very basic wants and needs and they’re usually met by your parents, but as we age these things widen and more people want them and they’re harder to achieve.

5. Embrace Your Inner Child

Be silly, sing louder, don’t rush to grow up, being old is boring.

6. Don’t Stop Doing What You Love

Never let anyone tell you what your passionate about, or what you love. Let that drive you forward and not push you back.

7. Always Say YES To Pudding

Life is too short to not eat the chocolate cake.

8.  Not Everyone Will Want to Stay in Your Life

The friends you make at school wont always be there for you when you’re gone. But if they want to leave, let them. Its better to have a few close friends, quality over quantity.

9. Having a Job Teaches You a Lot

I am a massive advocate for having a part-time job while in your teenage years, it teaches you so much about life, and ultimately you’ve learnt lessons that others wont have thought about yet.

10. You Still Need Your Parents

As much as we don’t want to admit it, our parents are still a big part of our lives, and we do need them more than we think.

11. Be Thankful For What You Have

There are many people who have it worse than you, appreciate what you’ve got.

12. Read Lots

Knowledge is power.

13. Popularity Means Nothing

Once you’ve left school, no one cares about that stuff, you should want to be friends with someone for the person they are, not because of who they know.

14. Happy Girls are the Prettiest

You will ALWAYS look your best with a smile on your face, and everyone will see it.


Throwback to when I had long hair


15. Appreciate Nature

This is your planet and you have to look after it. After learning about how destructive humans are, I cant not recycle, and I cant not re-use bags. We make nature a happy place is we look after it.


16. Don’t Change Yourself for a Boy

…or girl. I learnt the hard way, but if they don’t like you for who you are, then they’re not right for you, and you will find someone who does.

17. Take Care of Yourself

You should never feel guilty for being selfish once in a while. You deserve the world!

18. Stress Less

Don’t beat yourself up over the little things, you’ll only get lines. HAHA!

19. Hold Onto Those Special in Your Life

They’re a blessing!

Love Georgina xxx



18th Birthday Soiree: The Dorchester, and Savoy Hotel, London

Good Morning World!

So as it happens I am now officially, and legally an adult as of the 10th August 2016. As a celebration my mum, godmother and her daughter arranged a special surprise for me in London. They kept the whole thing a secret until we arrived mysteriously at the door of one of the poshest hotels in London.

We caught a train to London at 9 in the morning which was accompanied with my mother and godmother whipping out a bottle of prosecco and 4 plastic glasses. “As its a special occasion” was their reasoning for drinking at 9 in the morning, and since it was my 18th birthday I had no reason to say no to this out of character behaviour.



My special surprise ended up being lunch at the Dorchester hotel in London; one of the poshest places to eat and to top it off one of the most expensive too. When we arrived I couldn’t believe where I was or how out of place I felt, there were Bentleys and other expensive cars parked outside some of which had drivers sat in them. We walked through the rotating doors and into a gorgeous gold plated room with people having their morning tea, most of which all dressed up in suits and long dresses.

The staff were beyond attentive and incredibly pleasant. We were greeted with a complementary glass of champagne and a selection of different breads and a tray of butter. I felt so important in this eloquent environment but it also felt like something I would love to get use to.


When the pudding brought out, they wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ across the plate in chocolate and the waiter sang happy birthday to me. I found it so special to be spending my eighteenth birthday in the Dorchester Hotel.

After a wonderful meal and me longing my mother for us to spend the night (but the price would cost half of my monthly wage) we made our way through Hyde Park and had yet another glass of prosecco by the lake.

When evening fell we made our way to the Savoy Hotel, which is yet another posh hotel in the centre of London, however instead of lunch we went for cocktails and tipsy natter. The Savoy is also very special to me as it was the first place I ever got ID’d, which not everyone can say. Mostly its some rotten night club, but not me (insert cheeky half smirk and wink).


Overall, you could say that I was totally and utterly spoiled on my birthday, and I would say that I definitely agree. It was memorable 18th birthday and I could thank my mum, godmother more for arranging it all and going to such great lengths for me.

Georgina xx

Sixteen going on Seventeen

“I am sixteen, going on seventeen. Innocent as a rose.

People I meet, may tell me I’m sweet, and willingly I believe.”

– The Sound of Music                                                      

Good Morning World!

Today is not just any day, but it is my birthday, well technically its tomorrow, (August 10th). I am finally 17, and I can no longer call myself the baby of the year.  Being born in August has its goods and bads, sometimes I feel the bad out weights the good, but like any time of the year we have to make use of the advantages and keep everything else in the back of our minds. If anyone reading this is also born in August, you will feel my pain when I say that I am always the last person to be able to do something. This year its driving, every one of my friends has their provisional driving licence and is taking lessons, heck some of them have even passed, and I’m just sat here, still sixteen, waiting for tomorrow so the birthday fairy can bring me my magical grown up number.

My 2nd Birthday
My 2nd Birthday

Over the last couple of weeks I have been contemplating in my head what I should do for my birthday this year, I never have a massive celebration, to be quite honest they aren’t my thing, I prefer to spend my birthday with my closest friends and family, instead of having a massive blow out session. To the people around me, my birthday never really becomes a topic until a couple of days before, and I’m not one to mention it myself, well not this year anyway. In fact, I seem to get more excited over other peoples birthdays than my own. I still don’t know if that’s a bad thing, or not?

Anyway, all this birthday talk got me thinking about all my past birthdays when I was a child, and how Mum and Dad would hire out the village hall, and we have a disco with a bouncy house and magician. I have a vivid memory of one year when my parents wanted to make my party extra special for me, so they played my favourite song at the time (Fast Food Song), and my mum and a couple of her friends were being the dancers at the front, and everyone was mimicking their dance moves. I bet they felt like pop stars. The same year, my dad became the magician because we couldn’t afford a proper one. He spent weeks and weeks learning new magic tricks for my party, he got pretty good at it by the end, and to this day I sometimes find money behind my ears.

At nursery for my 3rd Birthday
At nursery for my 3rd Birthday

Birthdays are very special, turning another year older and only celebrating it with the people who love you the most. I am looking forward to my birthday, however tomorrow I am spending it at work, because the idiot that I am, forgot to book the day off. But I’m not complaining, I love my job and the people I get to work with, so its not the end of the world, however my shift does start at half 7 in the morning.

Looking forward to tomorrows early start.

Georgina xx