How I’m Transitioning My Wardrobe

Good Morning World!

Last year me would’ve said “Its a little late to be putting this post up”, but this year me knows that because of the weather, May is the first time I can properly say Spring has arrived. The weather recently has been a bit of a joke, well more than a bit. Just when we thought it was picking up again, it goes and rains. Come on now Mother Nature, make up your mind.

DSC_1714 (2)

Sorry about the weather negativity, we get enough of that all year round. For me spring is about the florals. Very cliché of me, I know! But we all know it’s true. The trick for me is getting the right balance of winter and summer into your middle season outfit. I picked up this little blouse from Topshop, and I think it says spring beautifully. The floral pattern accoupanied with the white spots adds something different. My favourite thing about this blouse however is the sleeves, I am in love with this feminine bow detail.

DSC_1751 (2)DSC_1737 (2)

The beautiful down button detailing along with the petlum style makes this top extra special.

Winter to me is all about dark, strong colours. My style in the colder months is a little more edgy, and adding this to a girly top for me creates something different. I paired this top with some black jeans, I did this to stop the overshadowing of summer. I also added a big metal belt and a thick jacket, because spring is about those layers too.

DSC_1761 (2)

Love Georgina xx


Ruffle Waist Trousers | Autumn Transition Look

Good Morning World!

DSC_0587 (2)DSC_0611 (2)DSC_0613 (2)DSC_0762 (2)DSC_0777 (2)

As we enter a new season, fashions as well as many other things change. As the months get colder and the leaves start to drop from the trees its time to change your style into something warmer and comfier. This season, according to Vogue, is all about the wide leg trousers. They’re an excellent clothing piece for these transitional months into winter, they offer more insulation due to the extended space in the leg and not to mention comfort, (I felt like I was wearing pyjamas).

I found these candy blue striped trousers in Topshop for £39, and paired it with a burgundy top to illustrate Autumn. However, as the British cold weather decides to visit us once again, I will start wearing these trousers with cropped jumpers, this is so the ruffled waistline is still accentuated and gives the perception of a more hourglass figure.

Love Georgina xx

Statement Denim Jacket

Good Morning World!

Are statement jackets are thing? I guess they must be.. but this jacket brings me so much love that I make a statement with it everyday of the week. This was an impulse buy when browsing on the Topshop website a few weeks ago, and ever since it has come into my possession its my favourite thing!


The patterned detailing was what drew me to this jacket, but despite wanting it I never thought that I would wear it as much as I do. It cost me a little under £60 which for a warm jacket isn’t half bad (she tells herself) but considering the amount of wear I get out of it, its certainly worth it. I even had someone come up to when I was in Bicester village to ask where my jacket was from, which you usually don’t get!


I paired the jacket with yet another top from my ‘try-something-new-Zara-shopping-trip”. I loved the red floral detailed on the bottom of this shirt that makes it acceptable to wear from spring into summer because of the warm colour. I am also wearing some white jeans which I actually got from New Look a few years ago before I discovered the wonder that is Topshop jeans.

Love Georgina xx

Urban Painters Shirt

Good Morning World!

As we move into spring my wardrobe begins to adopt more floral and colourful pieces. So while I was on my “holiday” from work I took full advantage and went a little overboard with the shopping. Recently I have been loving Zara, and this isn’t a shop that I would usually touch but I have been wearing more shirts now that the weather is getting warmer and because of this Zara is a go-to shop.


I bought this shirt for £25.99. It is very different from my usual style but it was worth the purchase as its a easy shirt to pull off without having to put too much effort into a look. I was drawn to this shirt because of the subtle coloured detailing on the front which reminds me of a painters shirt, and the contrasting striped sleeves which made it different from anything else in my wardrobe.


I paired with a simple pair of blue jeans and some plain trainers. This created an effortless urban look, which is easy to recreate. The jeans pictures are Topshop’s Jamie Jeans which I believe were around the £30 mark. I always buy my jeans from Topshop because they have a certain fit that no other high street store can match, and they do it at such a great price. My trainers are from New Look for only £19.99, which to tell a secret, I wasn’t planning on wearing when we took these pictures but I had bought them that day and felt like they went with my outfit more than my other ones.

Please enjoy my cheeky extra picture for your own viewing pleasure!


Love Georgina xx

Through the Looking Glass

Good Morning World!

I wouldn’t call myself a very professional fashion blogger but I would call myself a fashion enthusiast. I have always been a lover of nice clothes and a good pair of shoes, especially when there is an occasion. So, I put this outfit together as a sort of dinner dining attire for the Autumnal season. I feel like the burgundy colour compliments the shedding tree leaves making this the perfect seasonal outfit.


I bought these swede dungarees from Topshop for £45, and I absolutely adore them.  I have been looking for a nice pair of dungarees for some time and I never found any that fit me properly or looking right. I am not into the whole denim ones so I was thrilled when I came across this beauty.


I paired this look with a simple white high neck white body suit also from Topshop, some tights (as it’s cold outside), and some simple black ballerina pumps. The only thing I struggle with when wearing this outfit is where to wear it, as its too nice to be casual ;).


Thank you for reading,

Georgina xx