About Me

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train”

-Oscar Wilde, The Importance Of Being Earnest

 Hi… I’m Georgina


Just another passenger on this roller-coaster we call life, utterly fascinated by life, fashion and literature.

I love to read, write and act out plays, and books. One day I hope to become a play writer or novelist. However, I realise that this is a very unrealistic goal. I have currently just finished my final year of sixth from, studying Psychology, Biology and Drama, and am doing a gap year before attending University.

I have a deep love for water, which started from the age of 4 when I took up Water-skiing. I love doing water sports, which include, Water-skiing/slalom skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. There is nothing I enjoy doing more than spending an afternoon on the water.

I first entered the world of blogging in May 2014, but my current blog was launched in July 2015, so I am no stranger to this wonderful blogosphere. As I continue to write, it becomes more and more clear that my blog is coming somewhat of a diary to me, so I hope you can join me and help create my life story, and maybe get inspired yourself.

georgina xx

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