Snow Day Like A Snow Day

Good Morning World!

Now, we all know that England is notorious for its cold weather and its citizens who love to complain about it 24/7. Last week we were able to complain once again when storm Emma hit Britain and covered it in a few inches of snow. Being a good British citizen I was at first excited about this change in weather forecast as we usually are, but this soon changed for the masses. My view on the snow, however stayed the same and so it did for all my peers here at Univeristy. We enjoyed a lecture free week running around in the snow building snowmen and having snowball fights; ignoring responsibility.

My time in the snow was lengthy, trying to savour every second I could get before it all melted away (too soon). Sledging, snowball fights and building a snowman were all on my list of snow antics, swiftly followed by a hot chocolate by the radiator (I wish I could say fire, but this is student life), in thick socks while watching a winter film.


Although this snowfall in the beginning of March came as a great surprise to most of Britain, it was a lovely way to end the winter months, and I hope i speak for everyone when I say, Snowfall, is something that I have waited patiently for since last November, and probably longer. 


This short-lived period of snow ended up contributing to so many new memories with the friends I will love forever. I hope all of your memories with the snow were as good as mine.


Thank you for reading,

Love Georgina xxx

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