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Good Morning World!


Despite the obligatory high-end fragrance trend, this is my first time owning an up market perfume, and it wasn’t even purchased myself. This perfume had always been a smell that I adored and whenever I went into a perfume shop I would spray myself with it and walk off (something my mum and I do every time we go shopping still) so that I smell like I can afford it when really I cannot.

Aviary Photo_131419059462168210

I had always known that the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume has one of my more preferred scents. I am a lover of floral fragrances hence why I love having fresh flowers in my room. My lovely boyfriend is certainly aware of this and even follows me into the perfume shop to spray myself before starting our shopping spree so he bought me my beloved perfume.

The perfume although the clue is in the name has a floral/Daisy scent. I know that my mum isn’t too keen on this fragrance, so it isn’t for everyone however its perfect for me. However, I do find that this perfume doesn’t have a very strong scent and so I find that the smell doesn’t last as long as it would’ve liked, in fact it doesn’t last long at all. This is the only downfall to this product, however it is a big one, so I don’t know if this will be a repurchase of mine because of this reason. I do love it and I will continue to wear it for as long as the bottle lasts.

What fragrance are you currently wearing?

Love Georgina xxx


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