Parisian Adventures | Paris Diaries | Day 2

Good Morning World!

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Its the second day of my holiday and the second day I get to wake up to this beautiful city I am currently calling home. The whole essence of Paris screams cosmopolitan; giving me a sense of home in this foreign country. Although this is still my second night, the whole adventure and waking up to the sounds of the city excites me, and this whole adventure still doesn’t quite feel real.


Wednesday we travelled just outside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles; a famous palace of the second world war to which the allies debated what is now known as the Versailles Treaty. A peace treaty, which was signed in 1919 by Germany which meant that they owed 20 billion gold marks to France for reparations. (Something that greatly interested me when studying GCSE History, although my knowledge has plummeted since). This palace although is historically flooding with culture, is one of the most beautiful Palaces I have ever laid eyes on, not to mention the exquisite landscaping and vast gardens.

The Palace itself is beyond gorgeous, and above all huge. Every room felt like I was walking into a new world, one that was bigger than my whole house put together. Each room was covered in gold detailing and filled with ceiling art and massive canvas’ worth a fortune on the walls. My favourite room of the entire building was the famous Hall of Mirrors, which was where the Treaty of Versailles was signed those many moons ago, and it certainly lives up to its name, the whole room was beautiful and again displayed the same gold detailing as the rest of the building.

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Although, this being a historical and culture filled day out there was so much for us to do, the gardens itself had golf carts to rent to explore the vast lands, several food stops with loads of little cafés and an actual restaurant hidden in the ‘maze’ hedges. The entire day was magical.

My favourite experience of the day was defiantly being able to take a rowing boat out onto there waters and explore the grounds via boat. Despite that being the plan, I found out that rowing is a lot harder than it looks and we managed to get about 100m before having to go back. I take my hat off to those who row, its one hell of a chore.

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Visiting the Palace of Versailles was a wonderful day, and I would honestly recommend it to anyone visiting Paris. The whole experience does require a whole day of your time but it is beyond worth it. I will even go as far as saying that, however the Eiffel Tower, and other famous landmarks of Paris were utterly breath-taking, this palace tops the charts. Not only is it a rich a vibrant historical gold mine, it also makes for a lovely family day out. This also turned out to be one the most perfect times to visit as Paris was experiencing 30 degree Celsius heat, which made our outing all the more happy.

Love Georgina xxx



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