June Makeup Favourites

Good Morning World!

Throughout the month of June I have branched out and tried a lot more makeup products, and I thought I would share with you the ones that I have enjoyed the most.

Aviary Photo_131419060585062606

The first product that I have been obsessed with this month is actually an eye shadow palette that I got for Christmas from my mum, but haven’t gotten round to using until recently. This eyeshadow trio palette from Ted Baker comes with three gorgeous colours, a pink-y nude base colour, a shimmery copper-peach colour and a dark brown. I am in love with this more peachy copper on my eyes recently, as the colour combination really compliments my blue eyes. This palette came in a beauty pack with lots of other makeup products, but you can also buy it separately. Although to me, I never thought about Ted Baker’s makeup to be that appealing but the colour pay off is lovely and it is super easy to blend.


The second item that I have been loving this month is this Rimmel Lip Pencil in the shade 063 Eastend Snob. I cannot preach enough about how much I love this product, I have never loved a lip pencil more, the pencil itself is ever so creamy and glides really well onto the lips. Also I love how you don’t have to sharpen it, you just twist the colour up. I dislike so much when you sharpen a lip pencil or eye liner and it goes really sharp and ends up hurting your lips or eyes. I have been wearing this colour so much recently, its the perfect shade for summer and it goes so well with my skin tone. Normally I am not one for a pink lip as it washes my face out but this colour doesn’t. I haven’t found a lipstick that matches this liner perfectly yet, as I don’t like wearing glossy lipstick, so I have been smothering this colour all over my lips, and I’m completely in love.

The third and final makeup product I have been loving this month isn’t actually a product but a brush. This is the contour brush by Real Techniques, this brush came with their base set, and I don’t believe they sell this brush individually but it is so worth buying the pack and isn’t that expensive for 4 brushes. I use this brush for contour beneath my cheek bones and the tapered end means that the brush gets right under your cheek bones and gives you a natural looking contour, as its also a fluffy brush so your contour line wont appear harsh.


Thank you reading.

Love Georgina xx


One thought on “June Makeup Favourites

  1. i love the look of the eyeshadow palette, it looks so lovely! i also have the Real Techniques Contour brush and its a really good brush!xx



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