June Makeup Favourites

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Throughout the month of June I have branched out and tried a lot more makeup products, and I thought I would share with you the ones that I have enjoyed the most.

Aviary Photo_131419060585062606

The first product that I have been obsessed with this month is actually an eye shadow palette that I got for Christmas from my mum, but haven’t gotten round to using until recently. This eyeshadow trio palette from Ted Baker comes with three gorgeous colours, a pink-y nude base colour, a shimmery copper-peach colour and a dark brown. I am in love with this more peachy copper on my eyes recently, as the colour combination really compliments my blue eyes. This palette came in a beauty pack with lots of other makeup products, but you can also buy it separately. Although to me, I never thought about Ted Baker’s makeup to be that appealing but the colour pay off is lovely and it is super easy to blend.


The second item that I have been loving this month is this Rimmel Lip Pencil in the shade 063 Eastend Snob. I cannot preach enough about how much I love this product, I have never loved a lip pencil more, the pencil itself is ever so creamy and glides really well onto the lips. Also I love how you don’t have to sharpen it, you just twist the colour up. I dislike so much when you sharpen a lip pencil or eye liner and it goes really sharp and ends up hurting your lips or eyes. I have been wearing this colour so much recently, its the perfect shade for summer and it goes so well with my skin tone. Normally I am not one for a pink lip as it washes my face out but this colour doesn’t. I haven’t found a lipstick that matches this liner perfectly yet, as I don’t like wearing glossy lipstick, so I have been smothering this colour all over my lips, and I’m completely in love.

The third and final makeup product I have been loving this month isn’t actually a product but a brush. This is the contour brush by Real Techniques, this brush came with their base set, and I don’t believe they sell this brush individually but it is so worth buying the pack and isn’t that expensive for 4 brushes. I use this brush for contour beneath my cheek bones and the tapered end means that the brush gets right under your cheek bones and gives you a natural looking contour, as its also a fluffy brush so your contour line wont appear harsh.


Thank you reading.

Love Georgina xx


Top 8 Ways to Live a Happier Life

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Happiness, its a concept, an idea. The idea that if something good happens to us then we’ll be happy, but that’s not always the case. Often things can go wrong which then leaves us feeling unhappy, but these things are out of our control. However, what we can control is how we react to these stimuli, which means that we can be in control of our own happiness.

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I feel it essential to share my top tips on happiness, these are habits that everyone is aware of but sometimes we forget to act on them.


Everyone is a unique individual and if you start comparing yourselves to others then you’re only hurting yourself. Of course there are times when you look at something and think “Gosh I wish I had her hair” or “I’ll never be able to do what she’s done”. I know the feeling but there are so many great things about you that other people wish they had or could do. So never put yourself down.


In life, I have learnt that there is nothing an act of kindness cant solve, and the great thing about it is that its free, and its contagious. Even a smile can brighten someone’s day: its the littles things that mean the most. Also be appreciative of others and try to recognise when others need support and they will then give it you in return.


This is your life! Do what you want! There is no shame in admitting you don’t want to do something and I know there are times that you do say those things, but if it really bothers you, then do something about it. Even if it means changing careers halfway through your life, do it! If your happiness is on the line then anything is worth it.


Sport is a great way to get out the house, meet new friends and clear your mind. Even something as simple as a 10-minute walk can brighten your thought process for the day. I know that intellectually, exercise releases endorphins into your brain that then releases serotonin; the happy molecule.


How many times a day do you use the words “Thank You”. Learn how to open up and you will receive and abundance of joy and happiness. Living in a first world country means that I have access to things I take for granted. Being grateful for what you have makes you appreciate the little things in life.


Although an abundant social and romantic life does not itself guarantee you joy, it does have a huge impact on our happiness. Spending time with the people you enjoy to be around are a must, try and make friendships a priority in life.


I cant speak for everyone but I know that when I have a balanced and nutritious meal, including loads of fruit I always feel better about myself. I know that I am treating my body the way it was intended to be treated, that in itself makes me happier.


Everyone have goals, whether that be big or small. But when you don’t keep track of them you can lose motivation and passion to for fulfilling them, or you might not even reach them because you cant satisfy them. Keeping lists and keeping steps to achieve those goals is a simple way of doing this.

I hope this posts helps someone in some way. Thank you for reading.

Love Georgina xx

The Second Love of My Life | Book Club

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I am a massive lover of reading and I have read more than my fair share of books through out my life, so I thought I would share my favourite books on my blog. I wouldn’t say I have an ideal book genre that I stick to, my taste can vary across the board from romance novels to a crime or thriller. I do enjoy both ends of the spectrum but I certainly find the less scary books easier to read as I cannot read a crime book before I go to bed.

Today I am going to be reviewing Victoria Walters’ “The Second Love of My Life”. This book actually came out the beginning of last year, the reason I know this off the top of my head, is that I had the release date saved into my phone so I could get it straight away. However, despite being one of the first people to get a hold of this book, I didn’t actually start reading it until last month. But I am so glad I did as I managed to finish it in less than a week, I got a little obsessed.


The blurb reads “In the Cornish town of Talting, everyone is famous for something.

Until recently Rose was known for many things: her infectious positivity; her unique artistic talent; and of course, her devotion to childhood sweetheart Lucas.

But two years ago that changed in one unthinkable moment. Now, Rose is known for being the young woman who became a widow just aged twenty-four.

Rose knows that life must go on. But the thought of carving out a new future for herself is one she can barely entertain. Until a newcomer, Robert, arrives in Talting for the summer…

Can Rose allow herself to love again?

This book is an emotional heartthrob, that is beautifully written. It focuses in on life changes issues including drunk driving and death and teaches us about forgiveness, how valuable life is and the importance of grieving.

It follows the life of young woman called Rose in the town of Talting, and every year the people of her town hold a fate for the tourists. This year Rose holds open a stall to get rid of the remainder of her art, since she hasn’t been able to pick up a paint brush since the loss of her laid husband. She has always thought that her art had been a way for tourists bring a part of the coast home with them, but this time Robert (who is in town for her) opens big doors for Rose, helping her paint again and help relieve her from the death of Lucas.

I would really recommend this books as it has a variety of twists and turns and a strange plot twist towards the end. You can get this book from various stores including Waterstones and Amazon.

Happy Reading!

Love Georgina xxx

In’s and Out’s of Blenheim Palace

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Blenheim Palace is a historical goldmine located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. It was the home and birthplace of our former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and scores high in the must see places when visiting this gorgeous county.

I am very lucky in saying that this historical gem is right on my doorstep and I have spent many the afternoon lounging in their palace gardens. Here is all you need to know for a trip to Blenheim Palace.


Where is it?

blenheim map

Click here for directions to Blenheim Palace

Travel / Parking

Blenheim Palace offers free parking for all visitors to its Park, Palace and Gardens, so there is no need to bring loose change with you.

To get to Blenheim Palace I would recommend going by car as there aren’t any direct trains coming into Woodstock, however if you are travelling a vast distance you can get the train to Oxford or Bicester and make you way out via bus accordingly.

Various Attractions | What to do?

There are many great things to do when visiting Blenheim. You can take part in multiple tours of the Palace, seeing the suites, a Churchill Exhibition and a formal gardens walking tour and many more. The attractions are very informative and provide accurate historical data and is therefore an excellent educational trip for families and schools.

Along with the Palace tours they also have various park activities for children including a butterfly house, outdoor play area with interactive and learning games, and a huge maze (while I’ll admit got lost in a couple of times).

In addition to this there are various restaurants, cafes and shops for you all to enjoy, including afternoon tea in the palace gardens overlooking various water fountains and the palace grounds.


There are different prices depending on what attractions you want to see at Blenheim, and I don’t think its compulsory to see them all on your first visit however, if you have come far to see it I would suggest going for the more expensive option. The two options to take into consideration are the Palace, Park and Garden ticket, which allows you into everything, and a Park and Garden ticket, which wont allow you into the Palace or into the gates to look at it. For full prices Click Here!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and this inspired you to do a little more exploring. Enjoy your summer days out.

Love Georgina xxx

Garnier VS Dove Tanning Moisturiser | ft. comparison chart

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Overall, I feel like both The Dove summer glow nourishing lotion and the Garnier summer body moisturising lotion, do what they say on the tin and give a very natural and non-patchy looking tan if done correctly. However they both have their pros and cons, and there are a few of them.

cropped lotion


I feel that both of these products are very good in this area however there is one that stands out to me more than the other. I feel like the Dove lotion gives more of a pale natural tan, whereas the Garnier one looks more golden and sun kissed, so I guess this one is personal preference, but personally in this area I prefer the Dove one as its buildable and discrete tan.


In this category there is only really one winner and that is the Garnier summer body as it dissolves quicker into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. The Dove summer glow is quite the opposite and I often feel that I can’t get dressed for hours after, and this isn’t a trait I look for in a moisturiser.


Both these tanning moisturisers seem to have the same ‘sell by date’ and do run out fairly quickly if you miss a day. However if you keep up to date and apply these products daily they will both last as long as you care to stop using them. They both give a gorgeous day to night glow and I would rate them both a 9 out of 10.


I don’t know if this is a deal breaker for any of you but for me I love a good smelling moisturiser and the Garnier summer body moisturiser smells of apricots and has a far more summer essence than the Dove one.


Overall, both these products are very good value for money, and I cant deny that they do what it says on the tin, but personally I find myself reaching for the Garnier Summer Body moisturising lotion more, and therefore give that a win.

Love Georgina xx