Cork Screw Curls with Straighteners

Good Morning World!

Now like myself you are probably fathomed by the title of this blog post, and yes its a peculiar one, but yes it does work! For me, curls have never been able to stay in my hair up to seconds after applying heat, and therefore do not own a curling iron, but this beauty hack works!


What you will need:

  • Straighteners
  • A Pencil

Yes these simple household items can give you effortless cork screw curls in under 10 minutes.

What to do:

  1. Start by sectioning off your hair and putting the rest up in a clip of pony tail.
  2. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the pencil towards you. The reason I would recommend using a small section of hair to get a more cork screw-like effect.
  3. Leave the straightener on your hair for around 10 seconds depending on how thick you section of hair is.
  4. Repeat steps until your hair is completely covered in curls, then simply run your fingers through your hair so they look less tight and more natural.

How did you get on with this hack?

Love Georgina xx



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