How I See Myself In 10 Years Time?

Good Morning World!

Predicting the future: as much as we’d all like to be able to do it, its always going to be a mystery. Its out of our control and no matter how hard we try and control the variables we will never be able to. I thought this would be a fun blog post to write, and a good thing to look back on in 10 years, and see if any part of my predictions come true.


10 years from now I will be 28 years old. I will have finished university and have a degree in Psychology, hopefully a first but a 2:1 or 2:2 is probably more realistic. I want to have a stable career as a teacher, either primary or secondary; or have some sort of psychology related job like maybe a therapist or clinical psychologist working in a hospital, and no matter how old I get I don’t want to dismiss my greatest career goal of helping people first hand. Whether that be helping them get an education and raising our future or helping people in a difficult situation in a more hospital or professional setting.

In 10 years from now, I want to own my own house. I know for my generation this may be a far off dream, and we may never be able to afford a mortgage but no matter what the government say this will never stop being what I want. Being a homeowner is one of my greatest goals in life, it means taking control of your own life and becoming financially independent.

Personally in 10 years time, I want to be in a committed and loving relationship with the person I’m going to marry. I want to either be engaged or about to be, I want to have achieved every other goal before starting a family or being married. I want to be in an secure economical situation which enables me to be able to afford to have my dream wedding before anything happens.

In 10 years time I want to have at least done a little bit of travelling. I know I am a very nervous person when it comes to going to new places, but I want to have seen and experienced this world and all it has to offer.

I guess you could say that what I want for myself in 10 years time is rather traditional, as I want to own a house, be in a relationship, have a good job and be financially independent. You could say I’m playing it safe, and I guess I am; but that is how I want my life to be when I’m 28. I want to have figured everything out, and I know this is a big this for a 28 year old but this is something I want to achieve.

how do you see yourself in 10 years?

Love Georgina xxx


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