Sunday Chatter| Boys, Birthdays and Banter

Good Morning World!

I am currently snuggled up in bed with my pyjamas on and a hot chocolate. I thought this would be a nice chance for me to tell you all about my rather successful week. šŸ˜‰


Firstly, I have a rather important set of birthdays coming up in the next two months, and when I say large I only mean two people but they are rather important people. The first one is my mums, and as she gave me life all those years ago I feel obliged to get her something with at least a little significance. The second is my boyfriends, and because he did something so special for me on my birthday I know I have to live up to the same standards, as taking me to my favourite west end show after only mentioning it to him once when we first started going out about me longing to see it again, the getting seats so close I could touch the actors. Plus going to 3 different Pandora stores to find me the right necklace. I feel I have some living up to do.

Monday, my best friend Charlotte and I went to Bicester VillageĀ on a shopping trip and I ended up spending more than I should on both birthdays. For my mother I bought a brand new kitchen set from Cath Kidston, including mugs, a plate set and some bowls etc, which I know that she’ll adore as we live in a Cottage and collects anything Cath Kidston. Then for my boyfriend I got the idea to buy him tickets to see his favourite Artist, Twenty One Pilots as they are touring in the UK, which was perfect. These ended up being massively more pricey than anticipated with the added Ā£100 booking fee which wasn’t mentioned until my card details were added! But hey I’m over it! The only thing I am then worried about is that he bought me a gift on top of theĀ ‘event’.

Secondly, I had my first double date experience on Wednesday, which dare I say was long over due. One of my best friends Chloe, my boyfriend and hers which are also very close friends went to our local ‘Arcade’ place which has a bowling ally, bar and a million arcade games. This was a whole other world for me as bowling isn’t my strong point. The first game, I ended up coming last with 85 points, then the second game I was bumped up to 3rd and beat my previous score and got 86 points (a massive improvement if you ask me). Although the night started off at a disappointing start for me, I ended up redeeming myself at air hockey and Mario Kart, and if you ask me those things are more important!

Thirdly, and here comes the most exciting news… (for me anyway)!! I have finally gotten the hang of my car. For those of you who don’t know, I passed my driving test and am a proud owner of a little car named Joey. But for the past 3 weeks Joey hasn’t been the kindest to me (I cant get use to the bite). But I have finally found a breakthrough!!

How was your week?

Georgina xx


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