Why Christmas is a Materialistic Façade | Bah Humbug

Good Morning World!

Lets face it, Christmas is a very two faced holiday! The whole modern idea of Christmas consists of buying the best present you can for your family; which at first glance seems like a lovely idea, until you look behind the scenes.

Christmas is suppose to be a time for giving to the people you love, but in reality its a stressful time trying to fill everyone’s egotistic desires. When in actual fact if you wanted to buy someone a present you wouldn’t have to wait for the 25th December every year. This holiday has turned into a gift giving frenzy where people buy up useless junk to show there appreciation to you.

I may being a little Bah Humbug at the moment and that’s only because to me the whole idea of Christmas is an utter sham. Every year I like to work out what I’m going to get each and every person for Christmas, like I’m sure everyone else does, but on Christmas day your efforts seem to be destroyed by others around you fixated on materialistic items. I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys watching people open my presents more than opening them myself, but every year my Christmas joy is ruined by that very thing, the sheer look of disappointment on their faces after all you have done to get it for them. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, this isn’t me being ungrateful or selfish because I love the idea of spending time with your family and having a lovely meal, I just don’t understand why it seems to be all about presents! Everyone gets so disappointed with each other when they don’t get what they asked for, or they don’t like what you have just given them, but that isn’t what Christmas is about. Our materialistic world has turned Christmas into something that its not!

My parents and all my friends and family do enough for me over the course of the other 11 months of the year that I don’t need them to spoil me. This façade needs to stop! The 25th of December is for celebrating the Birth of Christ, a day to be happy and spend time with your family like you would if any baby was born, but this whole idea has eroded with time.

I know my little post wont have made a huge impact on the world, but let this be a lesson to you, the best presents cannot be bought, and the things you really want wont be under the tree.


Love Georgina xx

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