Through the Looking Glass

Good Morning World!

I wouldn’t call myself a very professional fashion blogger but I would call myself a fashion enthusiast. I have always been a lover of nice clothes and a good pair of shoes, especially when there is an occasion. So, I put this outfit together as a sort of dinner dining attire for the Autumnal season. I feel like the burgundy colour compliments the shedding tree leaves making this the perfect seasonal outfit.


I bought these swede dungarees from Topshop for £45, and I absolutely adore them.  I have been looking for a nice pair of dungarees for some time and I never found any that fit me properly or looking right. I am not into the whole denim ones so I was thrilled when I came across this beauty.


I paired this look with a simple white high neck white body suit also from Topshop, some tights (as it’s cold outside), and some simple black ballerina pumps. The only thing I struggle with when wearing this outfit is where to wear it, as its too nice to be casual ;).


Thank you for reading,

Georgina xx


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