Edgy Autumn Jacket

Good Morning World!

My individual style can vary from cutsey florals and ballerina pumps to a leather jacket and block heels. Although this style is very neglected in my wardrobe choice I still enjoy the occasional biker chick look.


I wore this look when attending the fair that annually visits my local town in October. I though this look works best when worn at night as it gives off an edgy vibe. The faux fur rim on the leather jackets adds to the look and creates an outfit perfect for the colder months. I bought this jacket from Asos for only £29.99 which is a real steal when you take into account some of these jackets can go for way over £75.dsc_0016


I got this cosy stone jumper while exploring Winchester one weekend with my boyfriend. I got this jem for only £10 from Primark. I am normally not one to shop in Primark but I enjoy a good browse and you sometimes see the occasional odd number.



My overly loved joni jeans are from Topshop and my boots from H&M, both of which were bought many moons ago, but still continue to feature in my everyday wardrobe essentials.

Thank you for reading,

Georgina xx

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