Autumn Attire

Good Morning World!

As the new season has arisen it is only fitting to hit the stores and accumulate loads more Autumnal clothing that you have convinced yourself that you need. I may have just done that, I spent one afternoon putting together an outfit made entirely of Topshop clothing. I am personally so in love with this outfit that I kid you not wear nothing else (maybe a slight exaggeration but this is my go-to outfit choice).


This outfit is made up of a pair of standard denim Jamie Jeans, a long sleeved high neck white bodysuit and a beautiful cross coloured cardigan which I live in. I feel this look gives off a chic guide without trying too hard. Not only does it provide comfort and warmth which is a must have for an Autumn wardrobe, but gives a stylish impression.


I hope you love this beginning of October look as much as I do.

Love Georgina xx

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