Walking in the Countryside

Good Morning World!

Finding new and exciting things to do can be difficult but in the end its the simple things that bring you closer to the people you love. One hot Friday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went for a long walk over the fields behind my house to the next village. Although at the shear thought of going on a walk seemed utterly unappealing to him, he ended up enjoying it more than he thought.


We took my two dogs, Bonnie (the brown dog) and Duke (the black and white), over several miles of fields. They, needless to say, were almost excited as I was to be reminiscing this journey. When I was younger, my mum, younger brother and I use to walk this route all the time, we’d end up at the next village and spend a few hours at the local pub for a drink of lemonade and a lovely meal. As the weather was on our side I wanted to do the same with him.


Although walking may seem tedious to some people, it can also be such a pleasure especially when you are surrounded by such tremendous company.

We walked all the way to the next village stopping off at the scenic stops including an abandoned  shack to which we explored to my reluctance; a swamp which I didn’t realise existed until the dogs came back plastered in mud; and several trees perfect for climbing. Afterwards we stopped off at ‘The Black Boy Inn’ pub for a meal and a cheeky glass of pimms.


Its amazing what beautiful memories you can make with just a field and a camera.

Georgina xx



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