18th Birthday Soiree: The Dorchester, and Savoy Hotel, London

Good Morning World!

So as it happens I am now officially, and legally an adult as of the 10th August 2016. As a celebration my mum, godmother and her daughter arranged a special surprise for me in London. They kept the whole thing a secret until we arrived mysteriously at the door of one of the poshest hotels in London.

We caught a train to London at 9 in the morning which was accompanied with my mother and godmother whipping out a bottle of prosecco and 4 plastic glasses. “As its a special occasion” was their reasoning for drinking at 9 in the morning, and since it was my 18th birthday I had no reason to say no to this out of character behaviour.



My special surprise ended up being lunch at the Dorchester hotel in London; one of the poshest places to eat and to top it off one of the most expensive too. When we arrived I couldn’t believe where I was or how out of place I felt, there were Bentleys and other expensive cars parked outside some of which had drivers sat in them. We walked through the rotating doors and into a gorgeous gold plated room with people having their morning tea, most of which all dressed up in suits and long dresses.

The staff were beyond attentive and incredibly pleasant. We were greeted with a complementary glass of champagne and a selection of different breads and a tray of butter. I felt so important in this eloquent environment but it also felt like something I would love to get use to.


When the pudding brought out, they wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ across the plate in chocolate and the waiter sang happy birthday to me. I found it so special to be spending my eighteenth birthday in the Dorchester Hotel.

After a wonderful meal and me longing my mother for us to spend the night (but the price would cost half of my monthly wage) we made our way through Hyde Park and had yet another glass of prosecco by the lake.

When evening fell we made our way to the Savoy Hotel, which is yet another posh hotel in the centre of London, however instead of lunch we went for cocktails and tipsy natter. The Savoy is also very special to me as it was the first place I ever got ID’d, which not everyone can say. Mostly its some rotten night club, but not me (insert cheeky half smirk and wink).


Overall, you could say that I was totally and utterly spoiled on my birthday, and I would say that I definitely agree. It was memorable 18th birthday and I could thank my mum, godmother more for arranging it all and going to such great lengths for me.

Georgina xx

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