Sunsets in Sidari: Corfu, Greece

Good Morning World!

Family holidays in the Bradley household are very few and far between especially ones that begin and end with a plane journey. Ever since the unfortunate incident of my parents splitting our holidays have consisted of road trips around England. This year however was not one of those years as my mum saved up enough money for us to go on holiday to Greece for the week. This idea was not an original as it spawned from my mum’s best friend Celia, who arranged the whole thing.


Corfu is a very small Greek Island and only takes 2 and 1/2 hours by car to travel from the very tip top to the very bottom of the island. We were staying in a very popular holiday destination in the north of Corfu called Sidari. Instead of splashing out for hotels and losing the insider feel of the community, we stayed in a basic 2 bedroom apartment minutes away from the local supermarket and the strip (a extensively long road containing restaurants, nightclubs and bars). Celia and her two daughters; Ella and Molly stayed in the apartment next to us, which made our joint family holiday trip easier.


Our apartment (as seen on the right in the above picture) was only a 2 second walk from the pool and a 4 minute walk from the beach. The pool was where we spent most of time, we’d get and sit by the pool until we were ready to eat in the evening. You could say that this holiday was a little tedious at times but who wouldn’t want to sit on a sun lounger by the pool from sunrise to sunset in 34 degree heat before dressing up and going to a eloquent Greek restaurant in the evening; we were certainly living the dream.


Having never been to Greece before I was so amazed by the beautiful island community. The people were so much more friendly than what they are back in England and the Greek restaurant owners were so proud of their food. The customer service in Corfu was something like no other, they put their heart and souls into their family run businesses which created a more homey vibe.


We managed to get so much out of our holiday in the short time that we were there, it seemed that our nightlife of food, bars and karaoke became the norm and the most stressful part of the week was deciding where to eat. It was so nice to take a step back from our lives and spend the week in the sun. As much as we wished we could’ve stayed longer we will always have our memories. See you next year Corfu (hopefully).

Georgina xx




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