Sixth Form Lake District Trip

Good Morning World!

Its not everyday a group of 40, seventeen and eighteen year old hop on a bus up to the Lake District for the week for a “Get-to-know-ya” based holiday.


My fellow year 13’s and I decided to head up to Lake District located in the northern hemisphere of England for the week. It became a trip to celebrate all of us accomplishing our A levels and heading off to University in September. A lasting goodbye memory week if you will.

Now as many people may be thinking, the Lake District isn’t the most savvy place to celebrate but it was a happy compromise between most of the girls who didn’t want a boozy holiday and the boys as it had a local pub. Plus its cheap as chips.


We stayed in a gorgeous house with the most beautiful grounds where we played massive games of football and other leisurely based games. Including a massive game of sardines (where one person hides and everyone else seeks and when you find the ‘hider’ you stay with them until everyone is with you) which became my personal highlight of the trip. In addition to this the boys came up with a game where everyone has to go and find the most obscure object and bring it back with them to the day room. We ended up filling the room with the weirdest things including a archery target, a wooden door off its hinges and a canoe.


The people that ran the house we stayed at were so wonderful and arranged a variety of outdoor activities for us including canoeing, rock climbing, gorge walking and my personal favourite cliff jumping. It truly was an action filled week, and it was lovely to have spend it with such wonderful people.

Georgina x

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