Walking in the Countryside

Good Morning World!

Finding new and exciting things to do can be difficult but in the end its the simple things that bring you closer to the people you love. One hot Friday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went for a long walk over the fields behind my house to the next village. Although at the shear thought of going on a walk seemed utterly unappealing to him, he ended up enjoying it more than he thought.


We took my two dogs, Bonnie (the brown dog) and Duke (the black and white), over several miles of fields. They, needless to say, were almost excited as I was to be reminiscing this journey. When I was younger, my mum, younger brother and I use to walk this route all the time, we’d end up at the next village and spend a few hours at the local pub for a drink of lemonade and a lovely meal. As the weather was on our side I wanted to do the same with him.


Although walking may seem tedious to some people, it can also be such a pleasure especially when you are surrounded by such tremendous company.

We walked all the way to the next village stopping off at the scenic stops including an abandoned  shack to which we explored to my reluctance; a swamp which I didn’t realise existed until the dogs came back plastered in mud; and several trees perfect for climbing. Afterwards we stopped off at ‘The Black Boy Inn’ pub for a meal and a cheeky glass of pimms.


Its amazing what beautiful memories you can make with just a field and a camera.

Georgina xx



18th Birthday Soiree: The Dorchester, and Savoy Hotel, London

Good Morning World!

So as it happens I am now officially, and legally an adult as of the 10th August 2016. As a celebration my mum, godmother and her daughter arranged a special surprise for me in London. They kept the whole thing a secret until we arrived mysteriously at the door of one of the poshest hotels in London.

We caught a train to London at 9 in the morning which was accompanied with my mother and godmother whipping out a bottle of prosecco and 4 plastic glasses. “As its a special occasion” was their reasoning for drinking at 9 in the morning, and since it was my 18th birthday I had no reason to say no to this out of character behaviour.



My special surprise ended up being lunch at the Dorchester hotel in London; one of the poshest places to eat and to top it off one of the most expensive too. When we arrived I couldn’t believe where I was or how out of place I felt, there were Bentleys and other expensive cars parked outside some of which had drivers sat in them. We walked through the rotating doors and into a gorgeous gold plated room with people having their morning tea, most of which all dressed up in suits and long dresses.

The staff were beyond attentive and incredibly pleasant. We were greeted with a complementary glass of champagne and a selection of different breads and a tray of butter. I felt so important in this eloquent environment but it also felt like something I would love to get use to.


When the pudding brought out, they wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ across the plate in chocolate and the waiter sang happy birthday to me. I found it so special to be spending my eighteenth birthday in the Dorchester Hotel.

After a wonderful meal and me longing my mother for us to spend the night (but the price would cost half of my monthly wage) we made our way through Hyde Park and had yet another glass of prosecco by the lake.

When evening fell we made our way to the Savoy Hotel, which is yet another posh hotel in the centre of London, however instead of lunch we went for cocktails and tipsy natter. The Savoy is also very special to me as it was the first place I ever got ID’d, which not everyone can say. Mostly its some rotten night club, but not me (insert cheeky half smirk and wink).


Overall, you could say that I was totally and utterly spoiled on my birthday, and I would say that I definitely agree. It was memorable 18th birthday and I could thank my mum, godmother more for arranging it all and going to such great lengths for me.

Georgina xx

Sunsets in Sidari: Corfu, Greece

Good Morning World!

Family holidays in the Bradley household are very few and far between especially ones that begin and end with a plane journey. Ever since the unfortunate incident of my parents splitting our holidays have consisted of road trips around England. This year however was not one of those years as my mum saved up enough money for us to go on holiday to Greece for the week. This idea was not an original as it spawned from my mum’s best friend Celia, who arranged the whole thing.


Corfu is a very small Greek Island and only takes 2 and 1/2 hours by car to travel from the very tip top to the very bottom of the island. We were staying in a very popular holiday destination in the north of Corfu called Sidari. Instead of splashing out for hotels and losing the insider feel of the community, we stayed in a basic 2 bedroom apartment minutes away from the local supermarket and the strip (a extensively long road containing restaurants, nightclubs and bars). Celia and her two daughters; Ella and Molly stayed in the apartment next to us, which made our joint family holiday trip easier.


Our apartment (as seen on the right in the above picture) was only a 2 second walk from the pool and a 4 minute walk from the beach. The pool was where we spent most of time, we’d get and sit by the pool until we were ready to eat in the evening. You could say that this holiday was a little tedious at times but who wouldn’t want to sit on a sun lounger by the pool from sunrise to sunset in 34 degree heat before dressing up and going to a eloquent Greek restaurant in the evening; we were certainly living the dream.


Having never been to Greece before I was so amazed by the beautiful island community. The people were so much more friendly than what they are back in England and the Greek restaurant owners were so proud of their food. The customer service in Corfu was something like no other, they put their heart and souls into their family run businesses which created a more homey vibe.


We managed to get so much out of our holiday in the short time that we were there, it seemed that our nightlife of food, bars and karaoke became the norm and the most stressful part of the week was deciding where to eat. It was so nice to take a step back from our lives and spend the week in the sun. As much as we wished we could’ve stayed longer we will always have our memories. See you next year Corfu (hopefully).

Georgina xx




Sixth Form Lake District Trip

Good Morning World!

Its not everyday a group of 40, seventeen and eighteen year old hop on a bus up to the Lake District for the week for a “Get-to-know-ya” based holiday.


My fellow year 13’s and I decided to head up to Lake District located in the northern hemisphere of England for the week. It became a trip to celebrate all of us accomplishing our A levels and heading off to University in September. A lasting goodbye memory week if you will.

Now as many people may be thinking, the Lake District isn’t the most savvy place to celebrate but it was a happy compromise between most of the girls who didn’t want a boozy holiday and the boys as it had a local pub. Plus its cheap as chips.


We stayed in a gorgeous house with the most beautiful grounds where we played massive games of football and other leisurely based games. Including a massive game of sardines (where one person hides and everyone else seeks and when you find the ‘hider’ you stay with them until everyone is with you) which became my personal highlight of the trip. In addition to this the boys came up with a game where everyone has to go and find the most obscure object and bring it back with them to the day room. We ended up filling the room with the weirdest things including a archery target, a wooden door off its hinges and a canoe.


The people that ran the house we stayed at were so wonderful and arranged a variety of outdoor activities for us including canoeing, rock climbing, gorge walking and my personal favourite cliff jumping. It truly was an action filled week, and it was lovely to have spend it with such wonderful people.

Georgina x