Hello life

Good Morning World!

They say your school years are the best times of your life, and granted I haven’t experienced the thrill of being an adult, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school; sixth form especially. It has been a fully enjoyable experience, I have made so many wonderful new friends and these past couple of years wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Last Friday night pinned the first step into adulthood, as I had officially left sixth from. This caused for a celebration with friends full of reminiscing. My whole school year and I decided to go out for the night and enjoy the experience of being exam-free for another year.

The journey into adulthood certainly seems like it’ll be a roller coater ride full of adventure, and like any roller coater it will have its ups and downs. My time at school has come to and end and I am excited to start the next chapter of my life. Although, I don’t feel ready to enter the world of a grown up, my ship is certainly sailing. The next year of my life will be spent working to save up for my next educational chapter, needless to say it better be worth it as University isn’t cheap.


Live adventurously,

Georgina xx