First step into the world

Good Morning World!


I wanted to take this opportunity to just have a little chat and to catch up on the things I have done since we last spoke, which I’ll admit was a while ago. It seems that my exams have taken a priority over my little space on the internet. However, this drama is officially over as I finished my last exam at 10:55am on the 23rd June 2016. Yes I know this may be a little neurotic of me, but all I was doing in that exam was couting down the minutes until I was free. Which, granted, is why  I probably found that exam to be more difficult that it needed to be.

So as of yesterday at the date and time I have already specified, I took my first few steps into the big wide world. This sentence alone scares the living daylights out of me, I can’t even fathom the idea of stepping away from school and becoming a adult. I would’ve never thought that the phrase ‘grown up’ would become a word to classify myself with. I don’t think it has officially sunk in yet, “I have just left school” and I now have to enter the world of work for a year before starting university. It all seems a little surreal.

For the rest of my peers this ‘gap’ between the end of sixth form and university is a short couple of months, however since I decided to defer my university placement (as my exceptionally late birthday puts me in the ‘barely 18 when I move away’ bracket I decided to wait another year and go to university when I am ready) so my small gap has turned into a rather long ‘gap year’. I initially wanted to go travelling with a couple of friends to develop some life experiences. In spite of my need to become cultured my very strict mother has made it her mission to lock up for the year and start full time work to save up for my 3 years away studying. Although I see her point and concern, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to travel the world.

From as young as I can remember my future has been planned out for me, I was to go to school and get good grades, attend a top university and get a well paid job were I am to work until I eventually retire like any other person. Forever drowning in debt and corruption from the cost of living. When did it become acceptable to live a society where out lives revolve around working, and the only reason we work is to live. This cycle is never ending. But part of me wonders if that is what I want for myself, to stay in the same dead end job until I die, never looking for anything more to come from life. Spending each passing day worrying about the economy and money problems, this may be the life that many people lead but what if I want more?

Another reason for my taking the year out (despite being the last born) is so I can think about my future and furtherly decide whether the path I want to take is truly right for me. Last year around October time it came to the point when I had to start applying for university, and because that’s what everyone else was doing and its always what I have been told by my parents. This is why I applied, I applied to a university I didn’t want to go to, for a course that I didn’t want to study. You’re probably reading this thinking how silly I am as to taking such minimal effort into my future, but in reality I still don’t know what I want to do myself. This gap year will give me the opportunity to think through what I really want out of life and whether university is really the best way to come about it.

Your future isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Georgina xx