Hello Spring!

Good Morning World!


Its been a while. I seemed to have taken an unplanned blogging holiday due to my overwhelming pile of school work. It seems to be growing faster by the minute, and practically speaking that is probably what I should be doing, but I’ve missed this.

Blogging is something that I really enjoy as it allows me to escape from the real world and lose myself in my words. I have a passion for literature so it became no surprise that I fell in love with blogging as well. What I am trying to get at is, like with all things we love we sometimes need to have a short break from it to realise how much we really enjoyed it. I guess the phase “absence makes the heart grown fonder” fits perfectly to this situation.


Over the break I have been busy. I don’t just meet run of the mill “I’m busy” busy, I mean well and truly, undeniably busy. I made the mistake of telling my manager at work that I’m saving up for my holiday to Corfu in July (mum is refusing to pay for me now that I have a ‘job’) which meant I asked him for some extra shifts to help pay for it. This may have backfired slightly as for the last few weeks I have been working over 20 hours a week, along with going to Sixth Form, and trying to do all the other stuff I enjoy. Needless to say, my blog suffered, my social life suffered and my grades suffered. Woop D in Biology! NOT! I have now talked to him about this and I’m back to my standard 14 hours, which is still over the recommended hours for a 17 year old, but it is more manageable for me.

I am now a published journalist, she says lightly. Well, slight exaggeration, I joined the school newspaper. This has been something I have wanted to try out for a while now, and with this being my last year at school I thought I would at least give it a shot. The student and teacher editor’s seems to like my stuff, so I’m going to be in the next issue. I am so excited.

Now, lets talk about boys. I have been a little bit distracted recently because of someone, but is not serious yet so lets just put a pin in that for now. I’ll fill you in later *winks*

I am now the proud owner of a DSLR camera, I have wanted one of these for so long, and since I have been working so many more hours I can now afford one. (I know what you’re thinking, “Georgie that money is for your holiday” but I got a ‘Christmas’ bonus of a 3 digit number, so I can afford it). I have been rather enjoying taking pictures of flowers, as you can tell from the attached photographs.

So, as you can see my schedule has been pretty jam packed so I hope you forgive me from the lack of content. I should, hopefully be picking it back up again now, and expect to see more ‘professional’ photos *nudge nudge*.

Georgina xx


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