Good Morning World!


It has become apparent to me, that throughout my blogging months I haven’t shared with you the biggest thing in which makes me, me. That being said, I cannot help but undermine my sheer existence from a tiny speck of my life. None the less, it is something I have great passion and commitment for. Even since I can remember I have participated in extreme water sports, including Wakeboarding, Water-skiing, and Slalom Skiing. For those of you who have no idea what those are, they are basically snowboarding and snow skiing done on water. You are being pulled by a boat, and depending on which one of those you are participating in, you perform a variety of tricks and somersaults over the boats wake. Having said that, I am yet to partake in this dangerous trick, I usually stick to the classic 360, or Ollie.

The reason in which I am telling you this information is that I took a rather eventful stroll round the outer corners of our lake. I was in a photographic mood, if you will, so excuse the rather inexcusable cliché shots.

IMG_3166This lake is located in the north of Oxfordshire. It is home to the likes of a Ski and Wakeboard Club, where you can have lessons or have fun on various sized ringos. These tend to be the most popular, as the tourists that visit here are on holiday and are just looking to have fun. There is also a Private club, which is what I belong to. This is where you rent or buy a plot by the lake and you can ski as much as you want. This requires you to have your own boat and water sports equipment. This is only recommended if you are greatly passionate about the sport. My Grandparents have had a plot by this lake since they were in their 20’s, so I have been brought up with the idea of extreme water sports.


I lose myself in the luxurious scenery. Sometimes I will head off at daylight and come back hours later, feeling oblivious that there is life outside my secret place.


I have been coming down here since I can remember. I have always loved walking around the lake and playing Pooh Sticks in the stream. (This is a game where you stand above flowing water, preferably on a bridge and each of you have your own stick that you drop it in the water on one side of the bridge, the aim being the first persons stick to cross the bridge on the other side wins. I do believe this is more of an English game). IMG_3152In the summer months, there would be numerous swans and signets walking along the bank between the two lakes. Beware though, these swans may seem all sweet and cuddly, but they are incredibly vicious, and I would know, having been bitten by one when I was five years old.

Despite the vicious swans, and the now cold autumn weather making it almost impossible to get in the lake without hyperventilating, I am in love with this marvellous world. I can’t thank my parents enough for letting me experience such wonderful opportunities.


I realise that I haven’t exactly sold the sport or lake to you, because the Autumn weather can’t help but make the water look so deeply unappealing, however, my love for this place grows each and every time I visit. I could resist sharing my favourite place with my blog.

Georgina xx

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