10 Beauty Secrets I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Good Morning World!

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I am not a beauty guru. I like to keep my makeup on the simple side, with my pretty pink lippy, medium coverage foundation and neutral eye. I’m the girl who owns more nail polishes than America, but still never paints her nails. The girl who still uses makeup wipes, and owns more notebooks than pamper products.

But over my short and sweet 17 years on this planet, I have learnt some interesting beauty hacks from blogging that will change your life.

  1. Mixing your foundation and primer on the back of your hand with a brush will change your life. It will not only make the application silkier but it will keep your foundation glued firmly to your face all day.
  2. Dry shampoo is a saviour not just for greasy hair that’s screaming WASH ME, PLEASE, WASH ME, but for flat hair too, to give it some volume and lift. I put dry shampoo on everyday to give my hair that extra poof that makes everyone eyes pop when they look at me (sight exaggeration).
  3. Never leave the house without a good lipstick or lip balm. It is the perfect little pick-me-up on a bad day that gives you extra confidence to flaunt to the world.
  4. Only use heated hair appliances when you really, REALLY need to. Otherwise your hair won’t grow as quickly and you’ll end up with dry straw-like hair with millions of split ends.
  5. Wearing a bright lipstick will always distract from tired eyes when you have spent too long partying the night before. It makes you look like you have made an effort, when realistically you have slept for 4 hours and rolled right out of bed.
  6. Washing your makeup brushes with warm water, and baby shampoo keeps the hairs soft for months. Just put the shampoo on your hand under warm water and rub in a circular motion until the water runs clear. Just note – it may take more than one wash if your makeup brushes are well used.
  7. Only apply black eyeliner to half your bottom lash line, otherwise it gives the impression that your eyes are smaller, and that’s not what we want.
  8. Leave your brows to the professionals. I have always been an over-plucker when it comes to my brows, but I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. Leave it to the professionals to create the right shape for your face. Believe me thin eyebrows only make you look older than you are.
  9. Always comb your hair from the bottom up. This will stop you from tugging on your hair and prevent split ends.
  10. A good nights sleep can save your skin. I always feel better after having a long lie in and a satisfyingly good sleep, and so does your skin. (I use this as a excuse for a lay in all the time).

These are some of the things I do on a day-to-day basis to stop myself from scarring little kids.

Georgina xx

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