Oxford Shopping Trip with Chatty Blonde

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Taking the train is something everyone needs to get use to. Its a fast method of transport that most of the population use on a daily basis. So when Caris told me she had never used the train before, we needed to make a scheduled shopping trip. In the next academic year (September 2015) Caris is starting A-levels at a college an hour away from where she lives, this requires her to take the train. As she is a ‘train virgin’ I thought I would show her the ropes,( not that I have much experience in the ways of the railroads).IMG_2873

I had only taken the train a handful of time before, but seeing as I made it all the way to Bournemouth and back in one piece, I thought maybe I could be of use to her. That and Oxford has a fantastic shopping centre.

When we first arrived at the station, we collected our tickets from the collection booth which, took longer than I care to admit. Even thought there were instructions on the machine, which we didn’t seem notice until after. So Caris and I were just randomly pressing any buttons on the screen before realising that the machine required the payment card we used online. From then on, we were okay. IMG_2872

The station was packed with an array of people, traveling to all sorts of destinations, there were business men, elders and teenagers like myself. But despite all the chaos, we were able to safely board the train, after having a long reassurance conversation with Caris who got confused over which train was which, and was adamant that we were getting on the wrong train, even thought it had our destination on it.

Myself looking like such a lemon on the train.

We ended up getting on the last carriage of the train, but because of the lack of seating we found ourselves walking up each carriage trying to find two seats that were even remotely close together. In the end we sat at the front of the train, in one of the luggage compartments.

After taking a 20 minute train ride sat on the hard train floor, Caris and I set off on our shopping adventure. Despite having taken the train many times before, I had never taken it to Oxford, so I was tying to create a route in my head from how much I do know of Oxford. We got there in the end, it was a surprisingly short walk, all things considered.

Upon arrival, we took advantage of the beautiful décor and made it our mission to take pictures in front of everything, just to document our time, but that may be pushing it with all the pictures. So here is a picture of me standing in front of an OX outside the train station. Funny story: The OX actual had genitals but because our blogs are PG (at a stretch) we thought we’d stand in front of them to save you the unpleasant-see of looking at it. Your welcome.

IMG_2883IMG_2885When we arrived in Oxford, we were both starving, so with my recommendation we went for a delightful lunch at itsu, which is a Japanese inspired restaurant, with counter-service and takeaway, for sushi, salads and noodle dishes. Located by Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford. It serves the most beautiful noodle dishes for only £3.99, which I think is well worth the money for a hot dish. We both got the ‘Classic Chicken’, which is my personal favourite. Caris had never been to itsu before, but was very impressed with my recommendation.IMG_2887

Shopping, is my forte. If I do say so myself. I have always had a shopaholic nature, which most likely came from my mother who is never off those online shopping sites (much like myself). So a whole day dedicated to shopping, is a day I would most certainly enjoy. However, since I have quite the habit of overcharging my bank account, I set myself a £50 spending limit, which I rather shamingly threw under the bus.IMG_2894

Overall, we had a rather productive day. Caris even took the train back on her own, as I was taking the bus to another friends house (helping to set up for her party). She was rather shell-shocked when thrown in the deep end, but I was there to walk her through it over the phone. Very proud of her first attempt at train living. Now only hoping that she will survive taking it everyday to college next year. Good Luck my darling.

Georgina xx

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