Goodbye Summer…

Good Morning World!

Paddle Boarding

Thursday was my first day back at Sixth Form, its sad to think that the summer is all over with. It seemed like only yesterday I was finishing all my exams and beginning the summer holidays. This year was probably the most exciting summers I have ever had; I went on my first holiday alone, I started my blog and I did things that I would usually consider out of my comfort zone. I am very proud of how much I have grown as a person over these last few weeks.

These are just some of the things I was able to do this summer, and why they have helped me to grow as a person.

Firstly, I owe most of my adventurousness to my two best friends Georgie and Caris (x Chatty Blonde x). They have seriously helped me to grow and I have gained a sense of maturity from them. Caris inspired me to start this blog, and I couldn’t be more happy with what I have achieved. She always believed in me, reassuring me after I posted something new. She also had to deal my excitement phase, when all I would talk about is my blog; how many views I got, how many likes I received and how many new followers I gained. She has been an absolute gem and I couldn’t have done any of it without her support. Georgie has inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and to do new things, for example, festivals really aren’t my thing. I don’t live in the moment. I cannot stand at a concert and let my inhibitions take over, but she managed to break down my protective barrier and I ended up having a fantastic time. My summer wouldn’t have been the same without you two, so thank you.

At Camp Bestival

Secondly, I am so eternally grateful for all the wonderful things I was able to do this summer. The biggest one being the holiday that Georgie and I took together. I never thought that I would be able to go on holiday without my parents, my mum is so overprotective and critical, but I was so glad she was able to loosen the reins and let her baby bird leave the nest, (for a few days). I was able to do so many things that I have never done before, and experience things that I just couldn’t with my mother always breathing down my neck. I went Paddle boarding (above), I got front row at a Clean Bandit concert (left), and got to spend the whole day at the beach. I owe all of this to Lynda, who so kindly let us stay in her house while we were in Bournemouth.

Thirdly, my blog has helped shape who I am so much this summer. I never knew how much I loved writing. I have always written stories when I was younger, and I even entered writing competitions but over these last few weeks I have fallen in love with blogging. So much so that I have written so many blog posts that they are scheduled right the way through to the start of October (3 posts a week). I have always been one of those people to enjoy the ‘do-nothing days’ while they last, which would mean spending as much time in bed as I possibly can, but having my blog it has inspired me to get out there and do so many things that I wouldn’t have normally done. I love the person I have become because of blogging, and I can’t wait to see what the future may hold for me.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me these past few weeks. I deeply appreciate it.

Georgina xx

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