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Good Morning World!

Usually my blog is something that I work on my myself, but just to try something new but, Caris and I decided to do a collaboration post. I have asked her 8 questions related to herself and to blogging, and she has answered them for me here. This is an easy way for you to get to know her as a blogger, I would definitely recommend checking out Chatty Blonde because I am in love with her posts. To my interview with her, click here.

  1. Can you tell my readers a bit about yourself?

    me in rollupneck top
    Caris- x Chatty Blonde x and x Dance Dork x

Hello! My name is Caris aka x Chatty Blonde x and x Dance Dork x, I’m 17 years old, and am a British Blogger with two blogs, x Chatty Blonde x being my primary blog (of which Georgie will be answering my questions so keep an eye out) and x Dance Dork x being my secondary one. I am so happy to answer these questions on Georgie’s blog I just love the layout and her style of writing. Being my best friend for nearly three years I can honestly say she’s awesome 🙂 Who would have thought a drama GCSE class would result in our friendship 🙂 I will now answer more of these questions before I type too much because I love to write ha 🙂

I am also a college student going to study A-levels at College. My hobbies in order of my love for them firstly would be Dancing, Ballet being the main type, a big giveaway to my reason behind my dancing blog I have known as x Dance Dork x. I love acting, drama being one of my GCSE’s and a hobby. I took part in theater productions like Disney’s Alice in Wonderland in the summer and even school performances like Arabian Nights where I was on stage pretty much the whole time narrating. So much pressure. I love animals, a reason why I previously studied and achieved a qualification of an Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management this past year. I enjoy sciences in relation to animals, resulting in a Distinction in Aquatics and Animal Biology the past academic year. As mentioned and visible in some of my posts, my dogs Skye, Quest and Gem mean a lot to me.

I love acting and love to read books; especially crime dramas, murder mysteries and enjoy watching horror movies. I just love the mystery behind it no matter how gruesome they can be. I am a big fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bones, and Criminal minds no matter how old these series may be I adore watching them. I may be slightly addicted to this genre. To add on to the above I love to sing along to songs out loud like “Someone New” by Hosier which I am listening to as I type this 🙂 Great fun to sing out loud wouldn’t you agree.

rainbows of light and the lake
‘The Lake’ near the Princess Towers. Photograph by me Caris -x Chatty Blonde x

2) How would you describe your blogging style?

My primary blog x Chatty Blonde x I find hard to describe because it’s a mix of things. I would say it’s mainly Lifestyle, which can be seen by the number of lifestyle posts I have. My dancing blog x Dance Dork x is about Ballet primarily however is about dance in general. It includes ballet advice, facts and tips like the correct ballet shoes for advanced ballet (pointe work). My style is just my style. It’s how I write and when I start typing hours go by without me even being aware. I post a lot of lifestyle things alongside beauty and even some cooking recipes I think everyone should know about. I share what I feel I need to share with my followers like tips for preparing ballet shoes on my x Dance Dork x blog or advice on my x Chatty Blonde x blog. If I feel I know a way to share information relative to my dance blog for example, I will write about it so people can read it so that this helps them 🙂

3) What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

This is a hard question. Traffic to your blog can take some time. I created my blogs last year and I would say the best ways to do this is to be yourself when you write. I believe that colabing with others can help too. Colabs benefit people with traffic and it can be a good laugh as well. I was Georgie’s photographer for her fashion posts and enjoyed this role. I’m happy with the images; the clothes and Georgie in the photographs look great! Colabing is fun to do and a great way to create more ideas for your blog. It’s definitely worth a try alongside patience when waiting for traffic.

4) Who has impacted you most in blogging and why?

me and Georgie-whatd you say face-summer 2014
Summer 2014.

Who has impacted me the most. I would have to say that the person who has impacted me most would be Georgie. She has influenced me and reminded me of how great blogging can be and mentioned blogger to me a year ago. Her blog has come on great and it’s nice to look at both of our posts and think “yep we are being ourselves and we’re enjoying it”. Georgie is always positive about posts which is very confidence building for a beginner blogger. I honestly have to say thank you to Georgie, even if you may have clogged up my statistics by visiting my page multiple times in the day it’s still nice 🙂

5) What inspired you to start your blog?

Me performing a dance leap in mid air. Photograph taken By Georgie – Lady Fascination. Thank you to Georgie for taking this image for my dance blog- xDance Dorkx 🙂 Summer 2015.
vs-me and georgie friends

Beside from Georgie’s positivity towards blogging that’s very encouraging and inspiring when you’re a blogger, I would say that my love and interest in writing has inspired me to further take up blogging.  When I was younger I used to write up stories of Mermaids and Fairies and even illustrate too. I just loved creating stories and getting stuck into my imagination. When I was around 8 Years I wanted to be an author and my interest in reading encouraged me. When I was 16 I realised after a long hard lesson of GCSE English Language that I really enjoy creative writing and Literature. After exams I started my blog because I loved to write and I realised that it was sort of becoming a hobby. To write things that real life people could read is so exciting, I still get excited now when I’ve posted another blog post!

6) In the future where do you think your blog will take you?

I’m not entirely sure where blogging will take me. I can never know what will happen in the future however I hope that I will still be blogging definitely as it’s become something I do in my spare time, a hobby (alongside dance of course). There are a lot of bloggers out there at the moment and I think more people will definitely be joining in because its a great thing to do.

Image of the Princess Towers, my favourite place to walk and present in my previous post.
Image of the Princess Towers, my favourite place to walk and present in my previous post on my blog x Chatty Blonde x.

7) What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

My confidence is something that has changed since starting my blogs. Writing things like what I enjoy or my own little tips and putting it up for people to read seems to add a boost of confidence because you are sharing what you love or are interested in writing about. It means a lot for people to like what you write and just makes me happy 🙂 Apart from blogging, going to a far away college where you don’t know anyone has increased my confidence a lot. Having to travel on two buses twice a day four days a week (I had a day off in the week yay!) makes you feel independent and that increases confidence in yourself.

8) How much time do you spend on average writing a post?

Posts take quite some time for me. By the time I have written up the post, sorted grammatical errors, included images, sorted the formatting of the post, included any links needed and inserted captions under images time has gone by fast. But it’s worth it. I would honestly say on average I spend between 1-4 hours depending on the post content. I know when I have written a great post when I feel like I have fried eyes from staring at a screen for this long. Maybe not very normal to feel like that, but hey I just love to write.

I will leave now but before this happens, I would like to say thank you to my closest and best friend Georgie, for letting me appear on your blog and to answer these questions. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for the positivity towards my blogs Georgie 🙂 Means a lot. Keep up your blogging x.

Please don’t forget to check my blogs out and follow me (click here), Caris, by clicking on the blog names x Chatty Blonde x and x Dance Dork x . I hope I can be of interest to you.

Yours truly,

Caris (x Chatty Blonde x & x Dance Dork x)

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