Freedom in a Seaside City: Bournemouth holiday – Day 3

Good Morning World!

Another day, another blog post! This is getting to be quite a series. When looking back I realise how much I actually did on this holiday. Crazy, how much I packed into these 4 short days.


IMG_2525I woke up this morning to Georgie shaking me, not my idea way to wake up especially when your tired, lets just say I wasn’t in the greatest mood with her after that. It was half 10, and since we had been out raving at a Clean Bandit concert until half 12 in the morning, its safe to say we were a little tired and deserved a lie in. Georgie obviously thought I didn’t.

We started the day off with a very late breakfast, which could be classed at brunch considering the time. Anyway, when we finally woke up Lynda said that we could go off on our own today, in the town centre and to the beach. This wasn’t scary for me as Bournemouth is what I would consider my second home, I know exactly where everything is and how to get there, Georgie was a little more anxious, as this was her first time in the city.

Shopping is probably my biggest kryptonite. I am a shopaholic like some people are alcoholics, (that may be an extreme example but you get the idea). This is a benefit for my wardrobe and fashion gene, but maybe not for my bank balance. In fact it took a huge hit today. But what I bought, was in my opinion worth it.IMG_2518

After shopping Georgie and I treated ourselves to a MacDonald’s in the park, normally I am not the biggest MacDonald’s fan, I have probably offended a few people now, but fast food is not what I would consider an ideal meal. But whenever I’m with Georgie, it is all we eat, that may be because where I live there aren’t many places that actually sell food, or it may be that Georgie is just a bad influence. I guess I’ll never know. After our “very healthy meal” we made our way to the beach where we were taking ‘tumblr’ style pictures, at least trying to anyway. The idea has always been there for us, having beautiful pictures is another one of my weaknesses, as you can tell by my holiday posts having over 30 photos on, (let me just tell you they are only a snippet of how many I actually have). We obviously had no one to take the pictures on the beach for us as Lynda was off doing her own thing, so we discovered a miracle app, Retrica, which has a timer so that is the secret behind our atrzy fartzy pictures. The one bad thing about using a timer is that I had to keep running back and forth between the shoot and the camera, I looked like a right weirdo. There was even an old couple sat next to us who were laughing, but that didn’t stop us from having our fun.


There is something about being at the beach that makes you feel so relaxed. My advice for any workaholics out there, a place to go and de-stress is definitely at the beach. It doesn’t even have to be for a proper holiday, if you travel down for the weekend or even just a day. I would definitely recommend it. Happy beaching!

Georgina xx

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