Freedom in a seaside city: Bournemouth holiday – Day 2: Stand up Paddleboarding and Campbestival

IMG_2383Good Morning World!

It is day 2 of my exciting holiday adventure to Bournemouth, and I have to say today was one of my favourite days of the entire weekend. The second day is always the most exciting, its the first proper day of the holiday where no travelling is required and you wake up to the beautiful place you’re currently calling home.I couldn’t believe I was here, even at this point it hadn’t quite sunk in. I kept saying to Georgie, “OMG I can’t believe we’re here”, we were buzzing at what lay ahead.

We literally raced out of bed that morning ready to start the day. Lynda took us down to Boscombe Pier where we had breakfast on the beach at this cute little restaurant/café called Urban Reef. We both had the pancakes, served with maple syrup and wild berries. I had been down to Urban Reef before and they are known for they exquisite pancakes, so there was no surprise when I saw them on the menu.IMG_2396

After breakfast Lynda suggested that since today was such a glorious day weather wise and sea wise, we should go Stand up paddle boarding as she didn’t think we would get another chance as the sea was flat as a pancake (ironic). It was perfect.

For those of you who don’t know what stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is, its basically when you stand on a 9 feet board (2.7m), and you are given a paddle, and you basically stand on the board and paddle out into the sea.

It was so exciting being out on the sea as it was so clear you see for miles beneath you, this is one of the most frightening experiences of being out on the sea, however it was so cool as it was Jellyfish season and we could see thousands of Jellyfish underneath us. Before you ask, the ones in Britain are not poisonous, and there has been very few cases where they have stung anyone. The most they will do is swim away from us.

As you can see from the very few photos that I actually attached we had a marvellous time.

After the seaside adventure we headed to Camp Bestival, which was a festival held in Ludworth Castle in Dorset. We had tickets for the Friday, and I was so excited as festivals are a summer essential. They had loads of headlining acts and so much to do for all the family. Usually festivals are predominantly music and food, however Camp Bestival had some weird forms of entertainment that most people wouldn’t have even thought of. For example, they had yoga classes, silent discos and a Bollywood tent, where people could go to dance, and let their inhibitions takeover.

My favourite part of the entire festival was getting to see Clean Bandit, perform live. They are one of my all time favourite bands and Georgie and I managed to make our way to the barrier. I had never been front row at a festival or concert before, so it was exciting as the experience is completely different to the middle, back or side, as you feel a lot more involved and the atmosphere is brilliant. Unfortunately, my camera decided to have a meltdown because of the light on stage, so all of the photos I took are blurred or just terrible. However I did manage to take some videos, but as we were at the front, we were right next to the speaker and my camera mic had a little spaz. Overall, my festival experience has been a good one, looking forward to what the future holds.

Georgina xx

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