Freedom in a Seaside City: Bournemouth Holiday – Day 1

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Departing on your first holiday alone with friends is always an exciting time, the thrill of not being told what to do by your parents. A time where the skies the limit and rules are out of the question. Your first holiday without your mum and dad is something everyone will go through in their lifetime, giving you a sense of the ‘leaving the nest’ feeling that all parents dread.

Last Thursday my best friend Georgie and I headed down to Bournemouth for our first holiday away from our parents. At first my mother was reluctant to let me go; she is one of those over-protective parents that believes I am going to be brutally murdered or kidnapped on every street corner. It took a long time for her to fully commit to the idea of me going off on my own. IMG_2295When she finally came around, (which took months of begging and re-assuring her of my maturity), Georgie and I got ready embark on our journey to independence.

Thursday morning we took a 2 1/2 hour train ride that took us straight into Bournemouth station, this was when we really felt that we were on our own. This was not a strange city for me, as my father, brother and I use to take holidays to Bournemouth all year round, it is my perfect seaside city. But there is nothing like arriving alone in a strange town, I didn’t know weather to feel excited, scared or apprehensive. In the end I went for a bit of everything.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Dad’s ex girlfriend, who was so kindly letting us stay in her house while we explore Bournemouth. Don’t get me wrong at first this was a very awkward situation, however she is a big part of my life and we have shared so many memories so I quickly become comfortable with whole idea. Also its not like my dad didn’t know I was going, him and my grandparents are still very tight with Lynda so everything worked out okay. We quickly made ourselves at home in her beautiful new house. The décor was very beach-y and you could tell she lived in a seaside town. IMG_2319

After making ourselves feel comfortable Lynda took us to the beach where we enjoyed a harmonious mile walk which led us to a beach hut café for dinner. I felt so overwhelmed to actually be walking on the beach, it still felt unreal that we were on holiday. I had so much excitement and all I wanted to do was document every kook and cranny of the scenery.

I just want to apologise in advance for the wave if photos coming your way.


After having our little photo shoot, we arrived at a little beach hut café called The beach hut café, personally I always find it really refreshing to sit next to the sea and enjoy an appetising meal after being on the train all day.  It’s a nice little reward. The table we got at the café was basically on the seafront, our table was about 5 metres away from the tides. The outside of the café had the traditional; beach hut stripes around and it made me feel like I was abroad somewhere like Greece or Spain.IMG_2361 IMG_2381

I got the Fish and chips for my main, as the fish had been freshly caught that morning and there is no better meal to have when your sat on the coast line. IMG_2372


Then for pudding I got my favourite which is a chocolate fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream. My life became complete at this moment.IMG_2376

At first I was going to feature my whole holiday in one blog  post, however I did so much that this is not at all going to be possible, so stay tuned to find out what else I got up to on my holiday.

Georgina xx

2 thoughts on “Freedom in a Seaside City: Bournemouth Holiday – Day 1

  1. Georgie I’m feeling jealous that you got to go on holiday without your parents ha x Keep up the great blogging x p.s. Those shorts you’re wearing I’m pretty sure you got them with me I told you they’d look nice on you 🙂 xx


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